Vote Early, Vote Often

D Magazine has undertaken the arduous task of determining The 10 most Eligible Men in Dallas.  There are 5 candidates per week, 5 weeks of voting and in the end, 10 winners.

Or really just nine guys and Jamie Benn.


Photos by D Magazine

This magnificent example of democracy in action has inspired us to campaign on Jamie’s behalf.  So far our efforts include this blog post and reminding you of Jamie’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video.


See what a haircut can do?

We have to give Tyler Seguin a lot of credit for raising Jamie’s profile – but not too much.  Jamie’s like Seguin-lite, the version you could take home to mom without praying she’s never heard of a Google image search.


Male jewelry, because we’re liberal.

He’s smart too, and clearly knows his way around a PR pitch: his favorite movie is The Sandlot, he wants four kids, he would have been a firefighter.  After that, you hardly need us to remind you to #VoteJamie here.



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  1. Kate Reply

    I too love The Sandlot, eating peanut butter toast, going for brunch and then watching football all Sunday AND my mom definitely knows how to use Google image search. The choice is clear.

    • ^^^^^^^
      Pants and Chuck support this message.

  2. His hair looks very James Dean, 1950’s greaser and I absolutely love it.

    He is a sexier version of Brendan Fraser. And those lips…don’t even get me started….

    • He’s got a bit of Cary Grant with this new shorter hair and I’m loving it.

      I’m too old for Jamie and too young for Cary. FML

  3. Kierstan Reply

    That whispering fabric noise you hear is the sound of panties dropping everywhere. Oh my, my, my. Thank you, D Magazine.

    • ERRRRRYYYYYYTHING ABOUT THIS MESSAGE and above. The black and white and blurred edit to the photos is like the inside of my mind. Blurry. Just blurry, Jamie.

  4. Vivian Reply

    Can people outside of US vote? I’m from Brazil…
    That first photo… #sigh

  5. NY Girl Reply

    I love you guys. ‘Nuff said!