#CAMP Day 2 – Snack Time

At this time of the year, with the NHL season tantalizingly close, we are in desperate need of something to satiate our hockey hunger.  Normally, we are good with a cheese platter, a few bottle of wine, and Miracle on the DVR.

But lately we’ve been so hungry that we are getting HANGRY.

Enter BioSteel’s #CAMP.


This year’s menu has not totally satisfied us, but Day 2 of Camp has given us some snacks that have been particularly tasty, like…

The Slow-Motion Walking Snack

CAMP-Day2-Slowmotion walk

The Arm Candy


Booty Biscuits


Goals so yummy like chicken nuggets. Especially Josh Ho Sang’s. That one was all kinds of saucy. #DangHoSang


The delight confection that is Cabbie Richards. (Seguin’s derp face makes this photo exceptionally saccharin.)


Michael Del Zotto. He is just cold and thirsty.  If only he could figure out how to get the lid off…


We’re hoping Day 3 makes a run to the 7-11 for some more delicious treats.

Namely the shirtless and sweaty kind.

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  1. NY Girl Reply

    Let’s hope MDZ does better with the Flyers than he did at opening up a bottle or his playing days are over. But Seguin can always use a wingman.

  2. Kate Reply

    The person who designed those Pink t-shirts is a genius. “We should write Pink text on the bottom of the shirt that will just so happen to rest on the hockey booty.” Yassss