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It’s time again for Camp Biosteel!  Always summer’s last hurrah, Camp Biosteel seems quickly followed by training camp, pre-season games and that first time since May our jeans leave the drawer.  Per usual, Camp features a million ways to make us feel like a bump on a log this Tuesday morning:


Tyler Seguin slow-motion water bottle squeeze!


Wearing a shirt makes him thirsty.

This year’s captains are Tyler, Michael Del ‘I Am Employed’ Zotto, Wayne Simmonds and Michael Cammalleri, who has been 35 years old for eight seasons.  Seriously, someone look into that.


In Hollywood years, I’m 27.

These videos always make working out look really fun, like elementary school Field Day plus sleeve tattoos and social media.  It makes you want to pursue education and get a real job, like this:


Overlooking MDZ’s ponytail in the name of science.

#CAMP is also your chance to pay attention to some up-and-comers and prospects.  You can see the draft, full team rosters and more photos here: TSN Bar Down.

Editors’ note: Was there something on that page below this?



Notable absences include Steven Stamkos, who is reportedly nursing an injury that kept him off the ice at last week’s Barrie Colts event, James Neal and Intern Jeff Skinner, who is making copies in the other room.

Without those guys, I don’t know that I can call Camp Biosteel my favorite part of the summer.  Obviously there are pluses (and biceps), including Biosteel’s enthusiastic use of social media and the fact their beverage probably helps with hangovers.  The main competitor, Andy O’Brien’s Travelling Circus, is not likely to post video or take us out drinking.



But it continues to bring Crosby, MacKinnon, Duchene and Tavares to a town near you.  Next stop: Vail.


Bring it in.

Bro-hug gifs from TSN’s BarDown as well – I cannot stop laughing.

No, all the way.

No, all the way.

Tough to compete with that roster, but we’ll take a lot more Camp Biosteel videos for research purposes.  And biceps (while we can still like MDZ).

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  1. Kate Reply

    I just read through last year’s WUYS Camp Biosteel posts in order to get my James Neal fix. Remember when the worst thing we needed to worry about was James not making the Olympic team? *sigh*

    Oh my gosh, the bro-hug. The entire process looks like what happens when I try to get my self-conscious, angsty cousin to hug me at family events. Love it!