Foxy Friday: Derick Brassard

I watched the Kings/Rangers game Wednesday night.  I said I wouldn’t, but I’m visiting my parents and watched with my dad exactly the way we did in 1994 when last the NYR won the Cup.  Total time machine.  After twenty years  what has changed?  Absolutely nothing.  My anti-Rangers yelling at the TV is just more colorful and my father is used to it by now.


He’s the cool dad.

My dad also started commenting on everyone’s beards.  Maybe he wants to blog for us. Or maybe the power of the playoff beard is just so great that no one can resist.  I should know better than to look right at it for 2.5 hours.  Now, from a level of crazy I can’t excuse:

Foxy Friday: Derick Brassard


Part-time model

(Somewhere Chuck just fell out of her chair.)

I have a hot date with a Dierks Bentley concert tonight, so I won’t be watching the game, but let’s pretend for a minute Derick is not a Ranger.  Or still in the playoffs.  Heaven help me if this Foxy Friday propels them to a  comeback, I will never forgive myself.  Yet we must call a spade a spade – or in this case, a fox a fox.  Right?


Perfect board definition

His beard is scrambling my brain.  As we said on Puck Daddy, it makes him look even more like Keanu Reeves, only less hipster-homeless-as-art and more… cuddly.

John Moore, maroon with navy is a big gamble.

Derick came over to Rangers with John Moore and Derek Dorsett in the trade for Marian Gaborik.  That is not working out for the NYR at the moment, unless you figure they got three playoff beards for the price of one.  Derick & Co. joined Rick Nash and should start a band called Th CBJ Relocation Program.


Derick talking to his agent about a solo career.

Brass is 26, which surprised me, and from Quebec, which surprises no one.  He had a career-high 18 goals this season.  In 22 playoff games, he has 6 G/6A.


Only 61 people have liked Derick via on Facebook – get on that, y’all.  I checked Henrik and he’s got 9,100.  (Crosby = 16,000, justsaying.)

In addition to making the Stanley Cup Final, from which the Rangers will not be swept, Derick is good at other things.  We already talked about his bike riding:


Am I tan yet?

He can also play baseball:


You should see my baseball pants.

Carry your groceries:


In winter, I shovel snow.

Be skeptical about Capitals hockey:

Derick Brassard

Really? These guys?

Admit his haircut could be better:


High School Musical

Look good without trying:


Fashion sneakers vs. function sneakers

And look good with trying:


Got enough room there, Ry?

While I’m admitting some Rangers are attractive, I might as well give you guys my diary, PIN numbers and confess we missed a bromance.  A great one.  Now it’s gone forever but we’ll always have Mats Zuccarrello’s Instagram.


Scenic route

V-necks for North Americans, Norwegians prefer crew.

V-necks for North Americans, Norwegians prefer crew.


Indoors is just an excuse for arms.

Ah ah, you faltered there for a second, didn’t you?  Distracted by MDZ’s curls? Perhaps I need to remind you that Derick speaks French.

Whew.  My high school French is crap but that’s 11:31 of heaven.


It’s the accent.

NO.  As in no, he’s not single, but also NO RANGERS.  These are the rules!

Okay, one more exception – in English this time:


In their first game as Rangers, Brassard and Moore arrived 15 minutes before warm-ups… then Derick had a goal and 3 assists in their 6-1 win over Pittsburgh.  Of course it was Pittsburgh, placed 90% of the way through this post to remind me I hate myself.


Yeah, we get it.

(Un-)Fun fact: Brassard’s ’08 season ended after a fight with fellow rookie James Neal.  Derick took six straight punches, dislocated his shoulder and required surgery.  He’d been tops in rookie scoring at that early date (Dec. 18).  Bet Brass remembered this when they knocked out the Pens this season:


There you have it:  Foxy Friday: New York Rangers are Still in the Playoffs Edition.  Will it all end tonight?  Can Jonathan Quick do this again?


If any teams knows comebacks are possible…

Only if I haven’t jinxed everything.


Can you blame her?

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  1. THANK YOU, PANTS! I’m convinced that this (and the fact that it’s Ryan McDonagh’s birthday today) will bring my boys luck tonight. You have just brought sunshine to my rainy day.

  2. Vanessa Reply

    It’s Friday the 13th and a full moon, that will cancel out everything about this post, and the fact that I begrudgingly enjoyed it as much you did writing it. Because I’m with you on the NO rangers thing, plus a weird love for CBJ (they’re my closest geographical team!), so I have extra resentment of all players who used to be on CBJ that are now Rangers.

  3. MB Reply

    I know a lot of people like the Rangers, and most people know that, like you, I’m a Pens fan. So I’ll just say that I could not have appreciated the James Neal fight clip any more than I did. I was scrolling along, fingers crossed, waiting for you to throw it in there. And you did it so politely, too. Props.

  4. Casey Reply

    I think everyone in the WORLD knows how much I detest anything with the words New and York in them… but, this guy… this team stacked with endless foxy fridays… I had never cheered so hard in my life for a team I couldn’t care less for, than I did on Wednesday. Let’s hear it for Marty because god knows that’s why I want that team to win. #VermontPride #UVM but Derick Brassard… Here I was, thinking my forbidden crushes on Chris Krieder and Derek Stepan were low because they’re much (3 and 4 years) younger than I am.. but Brass… we’re only a few months apart.. albeit, I’m older… but, that’s something I can stand behind… I heard Chiarelli is looking to trade Marchand… just putting it out there that I won’t be disappointed if we get rid of our little ball o’ hate for someone a little more foxy…. Does it count that my middle and last names are French? Think that has any weight with Brass?

  5. I guess the powers of foxy Friday didn’t work. HELL YES