It’s Not Over

The Kings’ win over the Blackhawks last night ended hopes for a Stanley Cup Final I would actually care about.  While Sad Kaner Face is something I cannot handle today, I will admit that this is brilliant:


We all know that I hate the Rangers, but I am surprised to admit that I don’t hate them enough to hope they lose this series.  It could be because I do not care about the Kings at all.  Perhaps it’s residual emotional instability from being so dedicated to my own hockey team all year – when they are out, it’s like I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeee for the summer.  If other people want to voluntarily stay in school, rock on.


So, who to root for in the 2014 Stanley Cup Final?  My answer is no one.  A great many of my friends are Rangers fans – and a few people I’ve known for 19 years who’ve never said jack about hockey suddenly became Rangers fans in the past week.  They must’ve just missed out on 1994.  There will be no scrolling through the Facebook timeline for me, but I wish those die-hard Rangers fans luck.  (For your own good, not your team’s, and really we need to talk about your life choices.)


On the Kings side, we also have a few resident fans.  Best of luck to you, too.  It’s possible my Rangersrage will surface and I’ll be cheering LA to victory – but they won’t succeed, not if I’m on board.   You’re better off if I stay out here sunbathing in the yard.


I may watch a game to two, and I’ll almost definitely probably watch the Cup be awarded because it’s not the Cup’s fault I find this Final boring as crap.  This will be the year I don’t cry though.  Go on and try me.

broke girls

Are you guys in or out on this Final?  Freedom or four more wins required?  We should get some of you to write about it, because unless Chuck is watching Rick Nash, it’s time to break into all the posting material we save for summer.


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  1. The ONLY draw I have to the Rangers is Carl Hagelin, because he was my favorite player when I was in college. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t care about this Final at all. I agree with you: boring. I’d much rather be out on the lake!

  2. Rhonda Reply

    As long as the Rangers are still in it means that Michael Del Zotto’s massive karmic debt has still not been paid. According to the chimps on Twitter, he is on the June page of the Rangers Calender. So in conclusion…fuck ’em.

    • Beth Reply

      Nope, Lundqvist is Mr June.

  3. Dawn Reply

    In the same boat. Now that the Hawks are out I don’t care until October. And Sad Kaner kills me so I’ve been trying to avoid the corners of the internet where Sad Kaner hides. (Think the Kings will win for what it’s worth)

  4. Vanessa Reply

    Hawks are out, so I’m mostly headed toward not caring, but I hate the Rangers enough to cheer on the Kings. Also, there’s karmic balance or something for Carter and Richie in all this, or so I tell myself to console myself. (Based on my road rage this morning, that attempt at self-soothing is not working very well.)

    Anyway, I’ll very unenthusiastically cheer for the Kings and watch with some degree of relaxation, since I now have nothing at stake, except the joy of watching the Rangers lose. Sorry, Hank.

  5. Worst final. I. Don’t. Care. There is no hatred that lives to root against anyone. Sigh. Will probably watch a game or two and countdown the days to October.

  6. Kate Reply

    I’m out. I will mourn the end of (my) hockey season by watching Miracle and the Mighty Ducks trilogy. Then I’m going to focus my fan efforts on my Brewers and then start scouting my fantasy football team.

    Sad Kaner is heartbreaking. He’s like a puppy. And then you add Sad Tazer to the pile? The gifs on tumblr were trying to kill me last night, I swear.

    • Just Lurking Reply

      I want to see those “Sad Kaner” GIFs from Game 7, but I wouldn’t know where to begin? Can a link or two be provided please? I’m a sucker for punishment I know.

  7. Casey Reply

    I am a diehard Boston fan. When they lost, it killed my soul. I am a devout NY hater… but, I will root for Marty any day of the year regardless of what team he is on. I really wanted the Kings to win it because Chicago ruined my life last year, so I didn’t want them to win again. If that makes any sense.

    I don’t care who actually wins. I too will probably only watch the actual final game for Lord Stanley.. because… well, it’s Lord Stanley… but yeah, I’m definitely not interested in this snooze fest.

  8. Dawn, Vanessa, Carol, Kate? You people are my people. All this Blackhawks sadness is making my sadness tolerable because we’re sharing in it TOGETHER. And UGH, screw it all, because if this is all we have to cheer for – Kings or Rangers?? I’m out. Summer starts NOWWWWWWW.

    • Kate Reply

      Just like those high school musical kids, we’re all in this together!

  9. Janelle Reply

    I’ll be watching because my son loves the Kings. He went off to school today in his Jonathan Quick t-shirt, happy as can be. The only thing that would have made him happier is if it were the Bruins, which is everyone’s number one team in this house. We’re tired from tweeting for Bergeron to be on the cover of NHL15 this past week.

    I have to admit the stories behind the Rangers don’t make me hate them, though. Martin St. Louis? Dominic Moore? And how cute is Lundqvist? He’s so excited. So I won’t feel too bad if they win, either.

  10. I’m beyond all in as a Ranger fan, but you knew that already. I’m currently about to be sick from nervousness waiting for noon ET so I can try desperately to only (!) pay $600/seat to watch my boys compete for the Cup. I have a ticket to Game 5 in LA. If it goes to Game 7, I’ll be looking to sell a kidney and any other non-critically important body parts.

    I’m happy to be a guest contributor if you were serious about that. I have enough enthusiasm for the entire damn internet right now. After work I’m going to see if my nail salon can give me a Cup-worthy Rangers-themed mani. 🙂

  11. It’s really unfortunate you don’t pay attention to the Kings. I admit I was guilty of the same thing until I moved to LA and actually watched them. I started going to games to cheer whoever they were playing against but then… I fell in love with them. Some of the most under-valued players in the league are on this team (Carter, Regehr, Kopitar, Quick, Gaborik, Williams) and they have a heart like no team I have ever experienced (and I’ve lived in places with other teams known for “heart” like Montreal, Vancouver, New England (Boston territory as you know) and Toronto… okay maybe calling the Leafs a team with heart is a stretch). They are The Goonies, they never say die. Go Kings Go!

  12. Maura Reply

    I’m out. The Penguins sabotage my emotions and now I don’t even get to watch Kaner and Tazer look pretty? I’m done. You can find me by the pool all summer.

    • Kate Reply

      Maura, is it possible that we are twins? Because you have just summed up my feelings perfectly.

    • Just Lurking Reply

      You can still see Jonathan Toews looking pretty at the NHL Awards show! I am pretty sure we will be able to view on tablets or phones as we lounge by the pool.

  13. I also have to say that I’m sad to see how everyone has written off these finals. The Rangers haven’t been in the finals since I was in high school, but I’ve watched every game of the finals every season because it’s (nearly) always freakin’ amazing hockey.

    I find this very disappointing.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, wish! My Pens are done, but I’m SUCH a hockey addict that I’m still all-in on the Final! I’m rooting for the Kings, but I’ll be watching every game. Because it’s the Cup! 🙂

    • Pants Reply

      I agree with you – I’m vaguely disappointed in myself for the ennui I feel. Even ask the Hawks and Kings were playing incredible hockey, I felt like car running on fumes. No gas left in the tank. I’m also disappointed in my apparent inability to add spaces to a post or edit from my phone. Sorry you guys had to look at that terrible layout all day until I just got home!

      Alison pointed out two possible bright sides to this: Crosby is currently in LA, perhaps he’ll be sighted at a game. And if the Kings win, we can all hope BSutts attends a party for his Uncle Darryl.

      • Just Lurking Reply

        Wut? Sidney Crosby is in Los Angeles? How did that happen? What ever is he doing there? I would think going to a game is like rubbing salt on a wound that’s been festering since 2009!

    • I agree with you Wish. And I have to say this is the first post on this blog that I’ve been sorely disappointed by, as well as all the “I’m done” replies. I’ve been a die hard Bruins fan for years, and yes it sucks that they were eliminated. But you know what? There’s still (potentially great) hockey being played. Will I wake up early on the nights I have to work to watch any of the finals games? Like I did for the any Bruins games? No. But I’ll watch them when I can, and look up the scores/highlights when I can’t. I’ll be kinda rooting for the Rangers, partly because I remember when they last won it all, but if there’s great hockey it’ll be enough for me. Hockey is hockey, and the Finals are the Finals, regardless if your team is in it to win it or not. But this eh fuck it attitude from people who claim to be hockey fans?? I don’t get it.

  14. I did not even know who was in the final until I saw this post. That is how much I care. All my energy is being spent mentally preparing for the devastating emotional fallout when my Bruins start getting traded away.

  15. Beth Reply

    Pants, if St. Louis and Dom Moore end up hoisting the cup, how can you not tear up?

  16. Lynn Reply

    I’m out since the Habs were eliminated. I was only mildly interested in the Chicago/L.A. series. I know, I know, both teams were playing A+ hockey and arguably the best series with the two best teams, but hey, that’s what happens when your favourite teams aren’t playing. Although, technically the Habs aren’t really my favourite team, I was still rooting for them being the last Canadian team standing. I want L.A. to win the Cup, but just like Pants, I won’t be seething with anger if the Rangers win. I love hockey but it’s hard to get into a game when your own team gets knocked out. I’ll probably check in occasionally and see what the score is but other than that and the final game, meh. On a positive note, my social calendar has freed up!

  17. Jake Reply

    I have just decided that the Stanley Cup will not be awarded this year due to the inability to present real quality teams.

    A better choice will be for me to get my electric hockey game out the attic and play the cup as it should be played.

    • Wow, seriously? Your team didn’t make it, so the teams left aren’t “real, quality teams.” OK, sure. Considering there aren’t really any dynasties anymore, I guess you feel this way almost every year.

      We get it – since everyone’s favorites (Chicago & Pittsburgh) didn’t make it, the whole world is in mourning. This smacks of “if I can’t win, I’m gonna take my toys and go home.” I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I expected better from people.

      • Jake Reply

        Not even. My team was eliminated early on. But appreciate the quality of play not a name and lackluster performance. Next you’ll want us to evaluate penalty minutes to make other people feel bad. Nope my season ended in March. But thanks for your opinion.

  18. Anne Reply

    Freedom – except for a small niggling wish that a meteor strike occurs.

  19. Kierstan Reply

    I’m a huge Pens fan and have been huge-disappointed-sad since their elimination and the aftermath. That being said, I’m still watching every game. I had a blast watching the Kings/Blackhawks series, because it was just wow. Unlike many here, I was hoping for a soul-crushing loss for the Blackhawks since my second-fave team is the Blues, and I got my wish.

    As far as the final, I’m actually cheering for the Rangers, even though I think they have slightly more than a snowball’s chance in hell of winning (although if Henrik Lundqvist plays out of his mind and wins the Conn Smythe I think they could surprise people). I’ve never had the hatred toward the Rangers that some people have. I tend to feel better about my team being bumped out of the playoffs if the team that bumps them ends up winning the whole thing (unless I totally hate them – I will NEVER cheer for the Flyers, for example). I’ve also been a fan of Carl Hagelin since his college days, am a fan of Lundqvist, and have a soft spot for undersized forwards that work their asses off (see Marty St. Louis and Mats Zuccarello).

    TL;DR: I’m still watching. I’m a hockey addict. I’m gonna need a 12 step program once the SCF ends.

  20. if you think sad kaner is bad, you have not been subjected to the torture of sad duncs. They really know how to kill me. October better come fast so I can knock all this disappointment outta my head. GAH!!!

  21. I am . . . indifferent mostly. I’ll watch, but I’ll mostly watch for specific players instead of teams. I’d like Richards and Carter to win again because I like it when things are rubbed in Homers face, I like observing Jarrett Stoll and Erin Andrew’s relationship on twitter, Drew Doughty fell over the boards last night and it made me laugh. Darryl Sutter’s press conferences are a thing of beauty.

    As far as the Rangers are concerned at one point I wanted the Ginger Staal to get to win the cup so he wouldn’t feel left out on the sod farm, but then he went apeshit on everyone’s brains and I kind of got over that. I haven’t forgiven MSL for acting like a spoiled child. And last but not least, really the only piece of redemption for NYR – Dominic Moore’s story makes me want good things for him.

    But lord – I don’t really care.

  22. I don’t really have a favorite in this final.
    Was born in raised in NY, so would be kinda neat if the Rangers won.

    On the other hand, have seen a lot of the Kings players in the minors (AHL team, Manchester Monarchs) so from that perspective it’s fun to watch how far they’ve progressed.

    I’m just going to have to watch and see if I wind up rooting for one team more than the other. But, I can say I am rooting for good hockey. It probably won’t match the same level as the Hawks-Kings series, but hope one team doesn’t totally walk, er, skate over the other.

  23. Kellee Reply

    I’ve mostly lost interest. I still have some residual anger from the Rangers eliminating the Penguins so if forced to choose, I say go Kings.

  24. I love hockey….so I’m in. ALL IN for the Kings. I can’t justify rooting for a team that beat my Pens. No way- still VERY BITTER about that loss. So Doughty and the Kings will hopefully kick some major butt.
    Keep the blog up, though….I love reading!

  25. In this particular series, I’m rooting for the Rangers, but also without enthusiasm. Some some weird reason, I like Kreider. And do like Lundqvist, as well. I do recognize the downside of NY, as in their fans are so “in your face”, especially if they beat your team in your home arena.

    Full disclosure: I’m a Caps fan who’s second favorite team is the Blues. I regard the Rangers as the “lesser of two evils” compared to the Kings. And glad the Blackhawks and Pens are both out. Admit my dislike of the Pens is at odds with one of the main bloggers here.