Happy birthday, Lindsay!

Tomorrow is birthday time for our pal Lindsay!  She may be on a warm-weather vacation without us, presumably eating cake, but we guarantee she’s also watching hockey.

Boys don’t always remember dates, so Steven Stamkos’ gift arrived a little early – two goals in last night’s win over Buffalo.  First he tied the game:


Then there was this bizarre own-goal, but plenty of guys need help buying presents.  He returned it to the store and came back with the OT game-winner:


Birthday bonus: this episode of Weekes’ Beat, featuring the best in hopeful playoff pre-beard fashion:


Stripes and plaid and overhead florescent lighting – you are no match for this.


As of today the Lightning are in the playoffs with 91 points (awwwww).  Detroit trails them by 7 points for 3rd in the Atlantic… and the two teams are facing off right now.  I don’t want to jinx anything by talking about post-season berths before spots are clinched, but let’s leave it at hoping we see Steven after April 16.  Because even though he thinks he’s getting uglier, we have to disagree.


More highlights tonight?  Maybe this wasn’t Lindsay’s present  after all!

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  1. Omggggggg guys!!! You’re the bestest evar, along with Steven. I’m working on my tan to match his Florida glow. So much love to WUYS and hoping the Bolts make the playoffs (although I don’t know how I ended up as a Tampa fan – WHAT?)