The Best or Worst Idea Ever

You know on “The Office,” when Steve Carell was about to do something spectacularly awkward, and you could feel its approach through a million miles of satellite transmission and wiring?  I would have to get up and leave the room.  Still haven’t made it through the dueling drunk Maid of Honor speeches in Bridesmaids.

So I’m just going to put this here and watch through my fingers:


The Avs new #WhyNotUs campaign is great.  Any video that starts with this shot of Gabe Landeskog is award-winning filmmaking.  It breathes new life into the world’s most overplayed song but I personally may never make it to the end.


Thirty seconds in I had to stop.  Before anything even happened I nearly ran from the room – I’d leave it on, of course, for my empty chair to watch.


Oh to have been in the meeting where this became a reality!  I’d suggest it.  Then I’d have to say, “I wasn’t serious!” before nervously fidgeting into a heap on the floor while someone else  made it real.

I can’t handle this but at the same time I want more.


Points to the guys for doing this – and really going for it.  That is some serious drumming.  I lip sync along to everything at the gym and don’t look half this good  sweaty but I assume no one is watching me.  May need to rethink that.


Can other teams do music videos?  Can the Oilers do “Diana” because it’s my favorite One Direction song?  How about the the Lightning all sing Taylor Swift’s “Hey Stephen [sic]” to their new captain?  A Best of the 90’s NHL mashup where Dupuis and Kunitz hold a picture of Crosby and the Bel Biv Devoe line, “Never trust a big butt and a smile?”

I HAVE IDEAS, PEOPLE!  It’ll just take me ten tries to watch the whole thing.

Don’t stop, Colorado.  Never stop.

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  1. Definitely the best idea. Ever.

    In fact, I may have to go back and re-watch it a few more times. For science, you understand…..

  2. I fully support anything involving the Oilers and One Direction. Who do we have to talk to about this?

  3. There is no way I can even start watching this at work. I need to be alone in the privacy of my own home, which is probably a bad idea because I’m pretty sure it’s possible to drop dead from second hand embarrassment.

    • OK! That was WAY less embarrassing than I was expecting. I cringed WAY more during Tyler Seguin’s cameos in his hetero life partner’s music videos.

      Also – who the EFF does Landeskög think he is being all shirtless clutching white sheets?? My body was not ready. Hockey players clutching white sheets is my most favourite thing.

  4. Radioactive, indeed. I just gasped loudly enough at my desk that my colleague asked me if I’m ok. Yep, I’m fine. I can’t breathe, but I’m fine.

    Every team should do this. I have a number of ideas for the Rangers – both of the SFW and NSFW type.

    • BKNY1999 Reply

      And you know Boyle would be a willing participant!

  5. Kristi Reply

    I would not be able to look at a camera like they do and keep a straight face. Smoldering! My goodness. I need one of them to do Blue Steel and tell us it’s all a joke.

  6. Junior Reply

    Gabriel Landeskog shirtless AND wet! 10!!! 10!!!! I give it a f*#kin’ 10!!!!!!

  7. Kate Reply

    Oh my gosh, yes to what you said about The Office. I didn’t make it through more than three seasons because I couldn’t handle the awkwardness. I’d keep pausing, squirming on the couch/leaving the room and it would take me an hour and a half to make it through one episode.

    Thus, I watched this video on mute, paused it a lot and cringed the entire way.

    That being said, I agree–good for these guys for committing so completely to this. I’d love to see the behind the scenes video.

    (And I would pay good money to see an ode to Sid’s big butt and a smile. You’re a genius.)

  8. I still haven’t made it to the end. About the time Gabe was shirtless and wet, I bee-lined it to Tumblr to stare at the .gifs for close to an hour. Maybe eventually, I’ll make to the the end…peering at the screen through my fingers and trying to stifle my laughter. Kudos to them, though, for having the cajones to go for it!

  9. Gabe at the end: “WHY NOT US?” #icant

  10. Cassy Reply


    Sign me up as your newest fan Avalanche. Mainly because you didn’t mangle a terrific song.

    And, hey, the hockey stuff.

  11. Sarah Reply

    I found out about this through Jason Demers posting it. He wants the Sharks to do “Bye Bye Bye.” Went to tweet it to you ladies, and after I scrolled down a bit I saw your link. Love how you’re always one step ahead.

  12. I appreciate and respect that guy for his aggressive drumming. That is a man committed to the cause.

    And Dutchie with the lip-syncing – A+, man. Much like his game, he is not one to half-ass it.

    Landeskog – no words needed. Only inappropriate, slow motion GIFs.

    • You really should see Imagine Dragons live. Not only are they a great band, but Dan, the lead singer (who is also doing the drumming), THROWS himself into both his singing and his drumming. I mean, this guy gives about 1000%. Between that, his scruffiness and the way he fills out a deep-V t-shirt, it’s really not to be missed.