Spring Breakers

Welcome back, NHL hockey. Before I watch my first evening game in weeks tonight, the Olympic break needs a nod to non-Olympians.  Not everyone went to Sochi – or stayed home watching ice dancing.

Without posting the entire Tumblr tag (Honestly, where do people find this stuff?), it’s safe to say you wish you went on to Cabo on spring break.

With the Oilers.


Puppy Bowl!

Puppy Bowl!

Do we want to know what happened to #TeamHallsy’s head? Presumably it was hockey-related, but I’m pretty sure he almost knocked himself out once by crashing into Ebs’ backside climbing a flight of stairs.


Nominating Amanda for lifeguard duty.


Meanwhile, somewhere else in Cabo:


How big is Cabo? This was probably across the street.


And this? Docked right outside the lion cub petting zoo, I bet.


Cabo was like hockey Comic-Con last week (complete with stereotypical villain played by Raffi Torres).


Like any good vacation, the Olympic break left us tired and spent. We’re glad to have the NHL back but we’ll miss spring break, just a little.


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  1. Casey Reply

    As I sit here at work while our server is completely offline and I can’t do anything except use the internet…. I stumble upon my email and find this gem. Since when are Nealer and Bur friends?! MDZ and TSegs playing with lions? All my favorites (minus Torres) in one place?!?! WHY WASN’T I INVITED?!

    I work for a nonprofit and our busiest time of the year is during the holiday season – in fact, I realistically am not allowed to take a vacation unless it’s between May and August because of how busy my department is…. But hot damn, if I had known this would have been waiting for me in Cabo…. I would have quit two weeks ago! (just kidding – I actually love my job and don’t want to leave). But in all seriousness – This email made my day. I actually squealed when reading this – so loudly in fact that my coworkers thought I was excited that our server came back on (psyche! It didn’t). Don’t mind me no work will actually get done today as I’ll be re-reading this post over and over again!

  2. 1. “Puppy Bowl” – There is so much perfection in that caption that I can’t stand it.

    2. Del Zotto’s shorts in that lion cub pic are SO NOT OK. The tank top is bad, but those shorts should be a felony.

    3. The WUYS convention should’ve been in Cabo over the Olympic break, no?

  3. Re: #TeamHallsy’s head, I’m going to venture he missed a spot with the sunscreen because it was still there in the Oilers season ticket holders day pictures. I feel his pain.

    Also, Amanda is not responding to my texts so I can only assume she saw this post and has been committed to some sort of facility.

    • Amanda Reply

      I was demoing how to make mashed potatoes aka preparing for my WAG life with Hallsy

  4. Rhonda Reply

    Those things are adorable, but when they want to play and start swinging those paws around…oh there’s a lion cub too….

    And DZ’s shorts should be commended, They’re doing serious work.

  5. Kate Reply

    I’m just imagining the people who arrived to their Cabo vacation and found the place crawling with hockey players. Those lucky, lucky, lucky people.

    Also, I would just like to say: I bought a pair of mirror lens wayfarers when I went to Florida last year. James Neal and I are clearly soulmates.

  6. Amanda Reply


  7. Mimi Reply

    Has there ever been a bad picture of Nealer?! Wow!

    Love the comment about the shorts… They are truly awful!