Tales from My Work Email

At my real-life job, there’s a lot of chirping between people who love Crosby (me) and people who hate him (everyone else, including my direct boss plus our Detroit and Philly offices).  Yesterday via email chain, people were begrudgingly admitting to enjoying Canada’s gold medal win and someone even called Sid “one of the best in the world.”

I may have been overly enthusiastic in my reply:


My boss, not surprised by my exuberance, replied:


Hahahahaha.  This from a woman who knows I’m in my office blogging all day.


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  1. Savvy Reply

    I need a job in your office. Informing other reason than to give you some Sid Support!

  2. Ha! That photo is the wallpaper on my work computer! There’s a whole lot of pretty right there.

    And I think Matt Duchene got himself added to my boyfriend list over the last three weeks. His constant cheerleading and positivity were too cute.