Remember us?!

Hello, friends.  Let us never again be so busy we can’t blog for almost two weeks. Luckily the NHL and Olympic Committee timed the men’s hockey break almost perfectly with ours, and today we are both back in action.

Come on in for an awkward celebratory hug.


We have enjoyed the women’s hockey very much, but so far the Olympics have too much figure skating.  I can’t take the pressure, the sheer shirts or the whole single/dual combat nature of the sport.  I need collective victory and shared blame.  I need teams.

So thank you, America, for winning your first game and doing so spectacularly.  At 8:30 AM I opened one eye, saw a 7-1 score and went back to sleep.  Highlights will suffice, especially those involving John Carlson (while he wears a helmet because this hair doesn’t translate into any language).


It was a multi-multi-point game for a lot of guys on the US roster and an excellent start to the tournament.


Almost as pretty as Patrick Kane’s smile in this McDonald’s commercial:


Now it’s time for Team Canada.  Am I excited?


Just a little bit?


Aw yeah.


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  1. Steph Reply

    I wonder what Getzlaf was saying to Crosby…whispering those sweet nothings in his ear that had everyone laughing/smiling.

    • Steph Reply

      Or smelling his hair in the last one.

  2. hotstovebb Reply

    Getzy, Perry, Cabbie & special guest …

  3. Careful, Ryan and Sid, I think Russia has laws against that kind of thing.

    We’re getting some Penguin vs. Penguin action soon, and that’s gonna break my heart. Women’s hockey doesn’t leave me so conflicted!

  4. Jane Reply

    Getzlaf is wishing he had Crosby’s hair. Babcock has nice hair, too.