Team Spirit Week

There are just a few days left before half the NHL heads for the Olympics and the rest, apparently, heads for Mexico.  I thought we’d take a little look at everyone who had something fun on their homepage – while packing our passports and flip flops, in case anyone invites us not to Russia.

Last week was Mom Week on the Penguins’ plane.  It was the first such trip and took them all on vaction somewhere warm in the dead of winter.  Mother’s Day, done.[video]

Penguins Instagram

Penguins Instagram – Nisky’s mom looks so young!

Here’s Sid talking about taking your future mother-in-law joining him on the road.  I think Mama Cros makes him a little nervous, maybe?  He’s aw-shucksing his way through this interview big time  [video].

The Caps did a Father’s Trip at the same time, and their dads all came because there was open bar.  Honestly, you need it to get through the Caps sometimes.  But they won 1 of 2 games the dads were at  – and in a big way: 5-0 over Montreal.  More shots! [story]

Photo gallery here.

Mike Green’s dad & Ovi’s dad say, “Na Zdorovie!” Photo gallery here.

Meanwhile the Stars are on a Dad’s trip now, where Tyler’s showing off your future father in law and everyone except Dan Ellis’ dad is wearing a hoodie.  It’s all the rage with male lineage.  They’re taking their fathers to Phoenix and San Jose – and they’ll be rooming with their sons.  How cute. [link]

Instead of partying with parents, the Blackhawks threw a Super Bowl party.  What, pigs in a blanket?!  Laying around lethargically on sofas in pseudo-pajamas while that one guy at every party won’t shut up?  Athletes – they’re just like us. [Video]


The Lightning let Stamkos says he hopes to play Saturday.  THIS SATURDAY. [video]  Lindsay’s facedown in a bowl of rainbow sprinkles somewhere, burying her shrieks of joy.


If Stammer doesn’t go to Sochi, the NY Times examined possible roster replacements – including James Neal.  How do I feel about this?  When both scenarios are good and break my heart?

cake or death

Meanwhile the Avs still waver about whether “Avalanche” should be plural or singular.  I have to strongly disagree with their decision.


How cute is this from the Wild?  I don’t mean Zach Parise’s grade school green screen cowlick, I mean a reading challenge!  This makes me want to hug a mascot.  What is the Wild’s mascot anyway? [Video]


Nashville went right for… um, what was I… hmmmm?

The Sharks shared how Tomas Hertl is recovering from knee surgery… with the cast of Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  This is just the fantastic. [link]


The Rangers played football on the ice prior to the NYC area hosting its first ever Super Bowl. [video]  Obviously they don’t know about that time James Neal got hurt (not) playing wiffle ball at practice.


Meanwhile the Canucks embraced crazypants Coach Tortorella, who returned from a 15-day (proofreading services by feochadn) suspension last night.  I have to say, in a work week like we’re having, I could use some “Best of Torts” [video] soundbites on speed dial.


I swear I went to the Flyers site to find something good.  I even clicked on this episode of “Flight Plan” [video] to really watch it.  But 50 seconds in, the title card:


STOP.  HEADDESK.  “Then” is a measure of time.  “Than” is a comparison between things.  I think Giroux, whose first language is obviously French, might be better at English THAN the person who made this slide.  I cannot watch more.  (Apologies to the Avs, your grammar problems pale in comparison.)


Finally, the Coyotes announced their name will change next season, from the Phoenix Coyotes to the Arizona Coyotes. [video]  It’s partially due to the fact they actually play in Glendale, a city which has paid a mountain of money to keep them.  And partially because “Princess Consuela Bananahammock” was already taken on that episode of Friends.  They’re also angling for an outdoor game under the desert sun. [link]


There you have it, a look around the League before the League takes a little vacation.  I must admit, I’m most excited about the Olympics as an exercise in efficiency – I only have to follow two teams, not 30.  Even if they’re all on at 3:30 in the morning.


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  1. feochadn Reply

    Little correction: Torts’ suspension was 15 days, not games. He only missed 6 games. It was still stupid.

    • Pants Reply

      Thank you! I was blogging while watching Psych, so I cannot be trusted.

  2. Rhonda Reply

    Now that Del Zotto’s not a Ranger anymore. Some DZ lovin’ would be greatly appreciated….

  3. Can you hear my Stammer shrieks as I’m devouring this jumbo package of licorice?!?! SATURDAY, guys.

  4. Kate K Reply

    Okay, absolutely craaaazy conspiracy theory that I’m absolutely embarrassed to admit: I think Sid’s aw-shucksing his way through the interview because of Katie O’Malley of PensTV (who asked the question that made him start beaming.) She interviewed him for Skates and Plates many years ago, back when Billy Guerin was still playing, and Sid was being charming and, dare I say it, flirty with her (or as charming and flirtatious as our awkward Sid is capable of being.) Since then, I’ve crazily felt like he thought she was kind of the bees knees.

    Like I said, crazy. Now I will sit in the corner and think about the ridiculousness I’ve just put on the internet.

    • Pants Reply

      Kate, thing about the ridiculousness I put on the internet every day. There’s no reason to stop.

      • Kate K Reply

        Thanks. I could sense this was a safe place 🙂

  5. Why does my aquatic therapy class not have anyone as adorable as Hertl the Turtle in it? Instead, I get hit on by 80 year old men. Life is so unfair.

    With T Pyatt and MDZ gone, and the addition of Carcillo, the Rangers hotness quotient went down a few dozen notches…not even Hank and the white gloves he wears inside his glove and blocker can atone for those losses.

    Lastly, I want to party with the Caps dads. I may not speak more than 2 words of Russian, but Ovi’s dad seems like a hoot, and I guarantee the vodka isn’t half as terrible as the cheap stuff I poured down my throat in college.