Foxy Friday: Birthday Edition

To say that Chuck and I are busy is like saying that Tyler Seguin is attractive: both true and a laughably inadequate description of real life.


Today is Tyler’s 22nd birthday.  It’s also Friday.   Despite emails arriving in my inbox so frequently that the little “ping” now sounds like a goal horn, I thought I’d take a minute and give the people what they want.


Tyler had 2 goals Monday and 1 last night, ending a 12-game, 21-day scoreless streak.  On the ice, at least.  With 24 G and 29 A for 53 points, Seguin leads the Stars in each category.


Dallas had a Casino Night this week, and in a baffling move didn’t post a photo gallery on their website.  Maybe they don’t like selling tickets.  Instagram came through with this gem of the crowd singing to Tyler [video].  Then people bid on a round of golf with him and Jamie Benn.


I think you have to pay extra for Seguin to wear the pink tie but maybe there’s a discount for Jamie’s mullet.  Really we just need to know if Marshall is invited.


Video of this. Stop-slash-don’t ever.

So happy birthday, Tyler.  We’re pretty sure this is all realy a gift for Chuck, but nevertheless is enjoy the rock star party that’s sure to mark this occasion.  While you’re at it wear more v-neck sweaters.


Bonus: Tyler’s first Foxy Friday and best birthday post ever.


PS: It’s also Brandon Bollig’s birthday [Foxy Friday].  Seems the universe feels particularly generous with the gene pool on January 31.  Cheers!

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  1. Thank you! You have come through with Foxy Friday just in time to prevent an act of workplace violence.

    Bollig & Seguin share a birthday? Foxiest Friday of the year!

    I’m now going to go grab a beer from our office Super Bowl party and come back to my desk and bask in the glow of this.

  2. jana Reply

    You all know how I feel about Segs, so let me just say this: I miss him on Twitter. I feel like we’re missing out on the bromance that is him and Benn and we’d get see more of it if he were on Twitter.

    Happy birthday, Segs!