After Hours, Indeed

Saturday night sure was exciting for Penguins fans.  Crosby goes to Western Canada once a year – not at all last year – and even the opposing team’s broadcasters talk about him like he’s Santa.  The Pens won in Calgary, vindicating Lindsay’s decision to wear her Crosby jersey to the game while her family all sported Flames gear.

Sid was interviewed on CBC After Hours, which is always filmed in a hallway.  I keep waiting for someone to knock over the Gatorade cooler in the back.


Sid admits to being competitive and even fighting with his sister.  Adorable.  I doubt he sits on her and farts like my brother used to do, but hey.  Maybe this is why we didn’t turn out to be sports heroes.

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for: they pick a Twitter question about Sid’s skincare routine.  They even joke about the entire interview building toward it, this secret of the universe and drug store aisle…



Look at that face.  “Nothing,” he says.  Fine, be that way.  Your hockey bag is full of SPF 60 moisturizer and we are not fooled.  Now someone ask these other questions because we can definitely make Sid blush again.

The rest of Saturday’s late night attention was directed toward Kris Letang absolutely punking Brandon Sutter into ending up fully naked on TV.  I don’t know how you could have missed it, but you can Tumblr/Google if you must.

Poor BSutts, he’s never gonna live that one down.


Words to live by from fake Paul Martin.

(In case you have the urge, please don’t link to the BSutts picture in comments.  #hockeyporn is a hilarious hashtag for unintentional commentator gaffes but let’s keep it to that.)

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  1. Is clean, healthy eating truly the secret to that skin, as the other interviewer suggests? Could our mothers have been right all along?? Scott Oake can hardly contain his inner fanboy in this interview – he’s every PR person’s worst nightmare. Shocked he didn’t ask Sid about his new house or the furniture placement. Next time, Scott.

  2. “Pants first.” If we can amend that to be “Chuck & Pants first,” then I’m in agreement.

    • Pants Reply


  3. Also, should we all chip in and send Letang a fruit basket or something? What kind of thank you gift is appropriate here?

  4. Jane Reply

    He probably can’t name any skincare products without endorsement agreements, but if he’s ever asked again, he should just say “sunscreen”. It would be a safe and sensible answer, and dermatologists would love him for it.
    Come to think of it, I’m surprised he hasn’t been in any hair or skin care ads yet…maybe someday!!

  5. hotstovebb Reply

    I blame WUYS for the BSutt incident. When WUYS doesn’t name a Foxy Friday, players start to worry. When players start to worry, they feel the need to make suggestions. When players feel the need to make suggestions, Tanger nominates BSutts. Don’t skip Foxy Friday.