Foxy Friday: 2013 Yearbook

This time last year we were in rough shape.  We’d run out of things to talk about, the lockout lingered and winter was just the cold, terrible place it always is for people who don’t watch hockey.  But with a few (hundred thousand) holiday wishes, things got right in a hurry and 2013 turned out to be a very good to us.  Hockey lived on.  Our teams won and lost.  Jonathan Toews became fun, black socks were worn with golf shoes, animal rescue calendars were ordered in bulk.

Before we close the book on 2013, it’s time for a look back at the year in Fridays. A shameless browse through the beauty that comes with on-ice talent… or doesn’t. On Fridays, no additional skills are required.


Number of Foxy Fridays written: 37

Number of times we saluted pants (No, not me.  Actual pants.  On boys.): 2

First ever Foxy Friday repeat: Gregory Campbell – All it took was a broken leg and a  finished shift.  Jeez.


First Foxy Friday to repeat in the same year: Sam GagnerOriginal and Foxy Friday 2.0.  All because I forgot I’d already picked him.  I FORGOT #TEAMSAM!   I even used some of the same photos and made the same jokes.  This is not a good sign for me.


Most Constant Foxy Friday: Ryan Malone – Still with the Lightning, still gloriously ginger.  We hope Stamkos is spending most of his recovery doing this.


Foxy Friday to Forget his Troubles: Peter Regin – Sometimes you’ve got to go with what you’ve got.  Traded to the Islanders and healthy scratched for three games earlier this month, at least Peter Regin sees this face in the mirror when contemplating his purpose in life.


Luckiest When Unlucky: Viktor Fasth – Out since November 18 with a  slow-healing lower body injury, but the Ducks are #1 in the League, have won 9 in a row and will shortly (with Sbisa and Souray returning) have more defensemen than you got Christmas presents.  So at least Vik will have something nice to come back to.


The “And I’m Back in the Game” Award: Adam McQuaid – Back in the Bruin’s lineup Monday after missing 9 games, Adam had a fight on his first shift.  Blood running down his face, didn’t even mess up his hair.  Just shaking off the rust.


Best Performance in a Boy Band: #TeamEbs – Over the holidays, Jordan Eberle wore a Christmas sweater with striped socks, lumberjack plaid onesie pajamas and he even held a baby.  Once again, I forget what I was talking about.


Most Likely to Become Famous: Brandon Sutter – BSutts is on a tear with 3 goals in his last 5 games, including a shootout winner.  Scream soundtrack provided by @alisonsykora.  He faces his old Carolina Hurricanes tonight.


Best Listener: David Backes – I keep asking for a dog for Christmas and I never get one.  Next year I’m addressing my letter to David Backes.


Most Underrated Foxy Friday We’re Not Even Watching on HBO: Brendan Smith – If we were watching 24/7, we’d know that Brendan and Justin Abdelkater live across the hall from each other.  Man, we loved college.  It’s a crime that no one demands more Brendan Smith from this blog.


We Told You They Were Foxy: Glasses – And this was before James Neal.  Safe to say glasses are the new black.


Most Metro: Ryan O’Reilly – The only guy we’d buy Lululemon pants and hair ties for at Christmas.


Secret Admirer: Alexander Steen – Still second in goals scored (24). Still wouldn’t know him if he fell out of the sky and landed on me.  He signed a 3-year, $17.4 million contract last week, then missed Monday’s game with an upper body injury.  No word if he’s in vs. Chicago tomorrow night.


Side note: Steen reminds me so much of Flula that all I can think is, “Jennifer poops at parties?!” [video]

Most Useful Off-Ice: Paul Martin – After being named Foxy Friday, PaulMart promptly broke his tibia – and played the rest of the game.  During recovery, Paul is serving as PR Director for James Neal’s 2013 crisis management campaign, “Workin’ My Way Back to You, Babe” and fashion consultant for glasses everywhere.


Best Use of Western Conference: Chris Higgins – The Canucks are… oh, that’s right.  I don’t care.  The world simply guarantees that Chris Higgins is somewhere flexing.


And finally, your winner for 2013:

Foxiest Foxy Friday: Erik Gudbranson – Suffered a broken orbital bone on December 20, had surgery and will be out 2-3 weeks.  No reason that should keep Matthew Fox here from working on his tan.  (If I’m ever missing, check this Tumblr tag for my dead body.)  Get well soon, Erik!


Additional 2013 Foxy Friday references:


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  1. bull girl Reply

    PAULMART for PRESIDENT! #nuffsaid

    • bull girl Reply

      Rethinking… PAULMART FOR SECRETARY OF STATE (better give him a USEFUL position…)

  2. Ugh the Canucks. Chris Higgins’ abs deserve more.

  3. Great job in 2013, ladies! Here’s to an even foxier 2014. *raises glass of champagne in your honor*

  4. Megan Reply

    I would ask for more B. Smith (maybe a family foxy Friday since Reilly Smith is doing so well in Boston?), but I want other Wings to get their turn, too! So many Swedes to ogle!

  5. Angie Reply

    More Brendan Smith please! Hands down best smile in the NHL second probably only to Cosby. Megan i would agree with you, many hot Wings! and Chris Higgins too 🙂