Cheer Up, It’s Christmas

For context and credibility purposes, this should probably get an entire post full of information and thoughtful, well-written prose.  Instead I just want to say “johntavaresswoon” and leave it at that.

To spread some holiday spirit to our Islanders fans friends, who are having an apocalyptically rough time right now, this is the cutest thing you’ll see all day. Come back and find it any time you need to be cheered up.

Note the way John keeps looking at the camera and kind of smiling.  He is even polite to inanimate objects.


Also, here are the Islanders shopping for toys [video] a few weeks back.  Nice people doing nice things for a good cause always makes me feel Christmas-y.

Ohgosh. @ambitiouspants Submission of the Year: the Isles video of this hospital visit in which John tells a child, “Don’t be shy, we’re not scary.”


Any more warm fuzzies and I can go without heat this winter.

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  1. ambitiouspants Reply

    “Special,” “opportunity,” and “tremendous” are the John Tavares interview hat trick… he’s so close! I kind of feel like a certain number of specials could add up to a tremendous.

    The Isles’ official video of the hospital visits also features Johnny telling a small child “don’t be shy, we’re not scary” and I pretty much melted: God, I needed this.

  2. I’m always taken aback by how deep and manly his voice is. Acts like a boyscout, sounds like a dad