I’m mad at you! I am still so mad at you for what you did that I don’t even want to see your… GLASSES?????

Holy moly.


There’s only one explanation for this.  James Neal reads this blog.


I’m not kidding when I say I’m still mad.  James Neal and I need to have a long talk about whether or not he can by my (second) favorite Penguin again after the events of last week, but I suddenly find myself unable to do anything but:

1) Scream


2) Tweet


3) Dive toward the TV.


This is low, James.  Didn’t our whole problem start because you went after a defenseless person?!  How am I supposed to protect myself against this!?


I can’t look at you right now.  I mean, I melted that thirty second stretch of the DVR by slow-mo and pausing it so many times that I can’t watch it again.


Maybe tomorrow we can have a civilized conversation.

PS: Bring Geno.  I miss him already.


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  1. jana Reply

    I was so distracted by the glasses, hair and EVERYTHING JAMES NEAL I totally forgot he was suspended for kicking Marchand in the head.

  2. I AM ALONE IN MY OFFICE AND I AM NOT EMOTIONALLY STABLE ENOUGH FOR THIS. JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES NEAL. At least my husband can’t hear me screaming, or see me taking photos of my own TV. Thanks for taking one for the WUYS on this one, Pants. #lifehero

  3. Lynn Reply

    Haha I immediately thought of you when they showed Neal in glasses. Geno is cute too just munching away.

  4. spinfrog Reply

    looks like Mario and Geno are still mad at him, too..

  5. James Neal already ad a gorgeous face, and then OMG GLASSES. *dead*

  6. Val Reply

    Clearly his glasses make him happy…and me, too! *swoon

  7. Guuuuuurrrrl, No. I don’t care how dreamy you may think he looks in his glasses. You cannot so quickly forget how much he hurt you and his team with his actions. I know that you always make passes at boys who wear glasses but this time, you have to be mad at him for at least a little bit longer. He needs to do more to to win back your love. He doesn’t deserve you. Not yet, at least.

  8. My Twitter feed melted down over those glasses last night, and then the men of Penguins Nation started to get jealous. Then I had to explain to some non-Pens tweeps that when a good-looking hockey player puts on glasses, a hormone hurricane ensues. It was hilarious. I wonder if Paul Martin and/or Dan Bylsma helped him pick his frames?

  9. Danielle Reply

    Geno in a suit & Neal in glasses? X-MAS came early! 🙂

    • Absolutely!
      The only (minor) party foul was both James and Geno chewing with their mouths open. The major party foul was, of course, James’ actions during the Bruins game.

      As for the glasses, where are Geno’s? I distinctly remember WUYS posting some photos of Geno wearing glasses when he was in Russia over the summer. Yaaayyyyyyy 🙂