Be Happy, Dammit.

I hate everything lately, but Jonathan Toews is making a real effort to turn the blog around.  First he hugs a puppy, then he and Kaner do one of the best interviews I’ve ever read:

Kane and Toews Face Off – ESPN Magazine

What is this? Is this dancing?


Get low, Captain.

The story about Kane waking Toews up in Toronto then falling dead asleep while Jon’s wide awake and fuming – welcome to my life, people.  These two might as well be married because that is my real life with Mr. Pants every day.

This made me so happy I’m going to read it again.  Thanks guys, and thanks to Ellie (@hockeyfied) for making my day.

toews sigh

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  1. Abbey Reply

    these two are such dorks, it makes me grin so hard

  2. Sarah Reply

    Somehow you ladies seem to come up with something to cheer me up at just the moment I need it!

  3. Casey Reply

    Gah these Blackhawks and making me like them even though I shouldn’t since they ripped my Black and Gold heart out of my chest in June! Damn JT and puppies, Damn JT and PK bromance!

  4. jana Reply

    I LOVE everything about this interview. I wish this was available–at the very least–as an audio file (would love for video). Their chemistry leaps OFF the page. It’d be fantastic to hear it and watch them.

  5. Alison Reply

    After this weekend, this is exactly what I needed – more reasons why I really love hockey. Kaner and Jonny – Cheech and Chong. Love these boys. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am sitting in my office with my hand clamped over my mouth trying not to SQUEEEEEEE and FLAAAAAIIIIIL.

    I am DYING.

    They were friends as little boys!!! How did I not know THAT?!

    And I just CANNOT with Toews sneaking around Vancouver going to the Roxy. I… can’t.


  7. Dawn Reply

    THIS IS AMAZING! Beautiful and amazing! And they played together as tiny humans! How has that been hidden for so long?! This is almost enough to negate the tonsillitis. Oh boys!

  8. Lisa Reply

    Haha maybe hockey players all need to be interviewed in tandem so they’re not so uncomfortable and sound bite-y.

  9. This interview is everything!! JT and PK, especially together are fantastic dorks. Anybody who has seen Jonathan at the conventions knows that he’s a complete goofball! This is my new favorite thing!

  10. This absolutely made everything about my day 100% better. My happily bickering married couple:

    Toews: No way I said that.

    Kane: I was like, “C’mon.”

    Toews: I never said that.

    Kane: Yeah, you did. For sure.

    (…Toews totally said it…)

  11. Hmm Kaner wouldn’t let Tazer date one of his sisters…Johnny how did I know you’d be wheeling the bunnies? :p