Intern Hat Trick!

We will never hear the end of this one.


Only kidding.  Congratulations Intern Jeff Skinner on his first career hat trick!


Look how excited everyone is!  Especially Jordan!


Especially us!


Not you, Malfoy!

And these people in the Intern Jeff Skinner Fan Club – Nashville Chapter!


(Psst: We told you so.)


Only kidding, TSwizz.  Sort of.

Forget that.  More exclamation points!!!!!  Jeff now leads the Canes with 9 goals – 6 of those in the last 4 games.  Hot streak, hot streak.


Last night’s third goal was an empty netter, but we’re not going to be picky since he doesn’t bother us about paying him to work here.  Speaking of which, that water cooler isn’t going to refill itself, Jeffrey.

First thing, okay?  No slacking off now that you’re big time.


After all, you could be like #TeamHallsy who had his 4th career hat trick last night.  Or more-than-hat trick.


Did someone bring an extra bra in her purse?  In Case of Hat Trick, Throw This.  Or did she take it off as the moment struck?  In today’s team meeting, the Oilers will undoubtedly scan the game’s raw footage for a shot of her wiggling it free under her #4 jersey.


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