Buzzer Beater: Part 2

Last night was Bruins vs. Penguins so you knew that both of us were going to have to weigh in.

The two best teams in the East faced off last night and the over arching theme was resiliency.  After the Penguins tied it up with 0.3 seconds left to send it to OT, some teams would have been completely demoralized.

0.3 seconds?  Seriously? Guys, come on….


Watching Crosby bang home the puck past Tuukka with infinitesimal time left to snatch away a point doesn’t feel good.  It feels horrible actually.  I was up, out of my seat at the Garden, shaking my fist angrily at Pants and her wine 400 miles away and feeling like this…

If I was a little girl and I had a bouquet of balloons, Sidney Crosby would be the guy with a pin standing over my shoulder waiting to pop them.  Thankfully, the Bruins channeled their feels into victory.   They were able to regroup, focus and then it was Torey Krug to the rescue.

Boom. You’re welcome.

Krug may be pocket-sized but there is NOTHING small about the way that he has been playing this season.  His beautiful OT winner (the 1st of his career) was the 7th goal of the season for the Bruins.  He is 2nd on the team in goals and 4th in overall points (15).

Mr. Krug, are you campaigning for Foxy Friday? Because you are making an excellent case for yourself.

Not to be out done, Loui Eriksson netted his 5th of the season and boy, was it splendiforous!

I don’t even care that his Movemeber mustache makes him look like a silent movie villain. Or is it more 70s porn star?  He keeps scoring goals and I’ll forgive anything.

Eriksson, Loui - movember

During the warm-ups, James Neal was trying to seduce me with his flowing locks hair and his face but I was not having it. Nope. I respect Nealer and how he plays…except when he is playing the Bruins.  Last night, Nealmobile had 2 goals, including this wikkid one that induced major face-palming, raging, and a litany of expletives.

While our loyalties (and blog) are divided, there is one thing we can agree on.

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