Ad Men

I hate the Rangers as much as I love a good ad campaign, and this is a good ad campaign.


Oh Ginger Staal.  It’s too bad you’re the only Staal I’ll never like because I would like to like you.

(Crank the volume on this one.)

“Don’t pick a chain restaurant. ”  Bahahaha.  Marc, you’re alright for a Ranger.

Here’s a longer/better version of the outtakes, where Ryan McDonagh gets direction on how to use his eyebrows.  Which are also, er… what was I saying?  I hate the Rangers?  Right.  I do.  But come on:


How does neither of these guys have a Foxy Friday?  We have featured at least 4 Rangers (Cally, Hank, Girardi, Boyle) and only one – maybe two – of those guys is better looking than MStaal or Ryan’s eyebrows.  I’m not going to write it myself or anything insane, but even I’ll admit this makes no sense.


Welcome to #Ryantown.

For heaven’s sake, I went to tag this post and Ryan McDonagh’s name doesn’t even pop up.  We have never once mentioned him?!


Here’s the second Rangers ad, in which I become convinced Sad Brad has a sense of humor, because he must have agreed to be picked on.


This campaign promises more ads to come. For now, some of us need to step away from the blog before we do something crazy.

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  1. Sarah Reply

    “Stop talking. You’re going to get us more minutes in the box.”

    I may have to steal this idea for Thanksgiving dinner.

  2. The monumental appeal of our boys in Blue is undeniable, ladies. I know you hate them, but resistance is futile. (Besides, I hate the Bruins & the Caps, yet I can’t help but get all warm and giggly over Mr. Green and Mr. Neal.) Hey, the Dark Side can be fun. C’mon over!

    • Gah! I meant PENS and Caps. But I hate the Bruins, too. Except for that dark and ruggedly handsome young man with the girl’s name…..

  3. I’m so glad that there was a Rangers post so I could leave this here [from the same person who did the Penguins/Office thing that I love so very much]


      My coordinator Jes was learning to love hockey this year and I gave her the Pens/Caps 24/7 series on DVD to watch. ENSURING she watched that one was key, lest she watch the Rangers/Flyers one and fall in love with the enemy teams. GAH.

      Resist. Resist the pretty. Right after this gets added to my Favourites Youtube playlist. RIGHT.

  4. Ashley (@a_rake) Reply

    i watched this and began loving ryan mcdonagh. as a devils fan it feels so wrong, but i just can’t help it.

  5. Ginger Staal is my favorite Staal! Also, this commercial is hilarious! My favorite peeps over at BHTV better watch their backs, the rest of the league is catching on to the magic.

  6. Scarlett Reply

    From my extensive live observations (aka 2 hours at US Olympic camp) Ryan McDonagh is quite the handsome man. I’m all aboard for this FF nomination.