Foxy Friday: Brandon Bollig

By popular demand, repeated Tweets and just an overall campaign of “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!”, today’s selection is the NHL’s Most Likely to Be Suggested.

Foxy Friday: Brandon Bollig

Why does Brandon get so many nominations?  Could it be:

– The perfect beard?


– Stylish outfits?


– His excellent taste in music?


– Putting a guy through the boards?

Winnipeg Jets v Chicago Blackhawks

(Side note: Chicago fans, be nice. If a guy gets wrecked into your laps, maybe don’t pour beer on his head and steal his helmet. Even if it was funny.[story])

– Requisite attractive Hawks friends?

Winnipeg Jets v Chicago Blackhawks

– Requisite spectacular Hawks bromance?


Original photo from Chicago Red Eye, not better than this art.

These two are on another level. [evidence locker]


– Or is this what makes WUYS readers so often cry Foxy?

Winnipeg Jets v Chicago Blackhawks

Yeah, that’s the one.


So there you have it: Brandon Bollig.  Finally Foxy Friday.

Winnipeg Jets v Chicago Blackhawks

Contrary to our ramblings of Canadian adoration, there are bonus points here for being American.  Especially from the south because, really?  A hockey player from Missouri?  If I find out he says “y’all,” I may give him a month of Fridays.

Americans for America

Americans for America

No hard feelings toward Red Sox fans about the World Series, right Brandon? Either time?

Winnipeg Jets v Chicago Blackhawks

He’d probably just laugh and hug the Cup, leaving me to hold Chuck.  I could cheer her up with a little help from the best-in-the-business Blackhawks TV:


There are so many reasons Brandon Bollig deserves a Foxy Friday that we lost count at HE WAS A COOK.  As in a job, for money, not boiling water for mac & cheese. That would be his #2 talent, behind hockey, if we had any idea where to rank this:


Yes, boating.  Sorry, what ?  You want a close up of his tattoo and to know what it means?

Now stop interrupting.

Brandon played part of the last two seasons in the AHL and part with the Blackhawks.  You know, the good part where he won a Cup.  This season he’s got 2 NHL goals and assists, for a total of 4 career NHL points to go with his 14 NHL fights.  We love 4th liners.  He offers the Hawks a physical presence and is earning more ice time (not just fight time) every game [great feature], in hopes of expanding his role.

Excuse me?  No, you cannot see him do bicep curls using a puppyweight.  This is a serious hockey conversation, people.  We don’t just find pictures of, oh.


He does.  And we do.

Fine.  With that, Brandon Bollig joins an illustrious list of Blackhawks with his own Foxy Friday.  Life looks pretty good from the top.

NHL: Preseason-Detroit Red Wings at Chicago Blackhawks

Follow Brandon on Twitter (@Bollig87) for top comedy and on Instagram for all the pictures I couldn’t fit in this post.

PS: This might be the most fun I’ve ever had doing Foxy Friday, so love for Andrew Shaw (@shawz15er, Instagram) is also required.

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  1. Farah Reply

    Wow. I had no idea that foxiness was walking around my new city (though there are many a good looking Midwestern man here). Thank you for opening my eyes to new, foxy, horizons.

  2. Oh thank you for finally picking Bollig because I was getting ready to just try to do my own and it was not going to be nearly as good as yours. He is just adorable and funny and so sexy and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  3. Coincidentally I’m enjoying our office Thanksgiving lunch right now, but this is way, way, WAY better than even sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. I am incredibly thankful for this Foxy Friday. And even though I know he won’t make the Team USA roster, I’m giving him a gold for foxiness. Bollig is perfection.

  4. Sarah Reply

    *sigh* I fell in love with Brandon Bollig as an Ice Hog, and was on edge the entire time this ( happened last spring. I’m super glad he seems to be in Chicago for good. If it wasn’t for my jersey curse, I’d buy his. But I don’t want him to get traded.

    • Hahaha, I forgot about #wheresbollig, that was fantastic. I hope he stays in Chicago for a long time.

    • I remember that while this was going on, I was waiting outside after an IceHogs game with a friend, and we decided to ask Jimmy Hayes and Jeremy Morin where Bollig actually was. They kindly obliged us the answer, and then we had even more fun watching everyone else desperately searching for the answer on twitter as #wheresbollig made it to the top of the Chicago trending list.

    • Pants Reply

      Half the photos from “A Drink With…” are in this post! Sigh.

      • jana Reply

        You can’t argue good photos, Pants.

  5. Vanessa Reply

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  6. It’s about time!!!! Brandon is amazing! I talked to him at practice last week and he remembered me! Granted it was from him nearly hitting me with a puck that he had launched over the glass, but it was still pretty cool.

    • jana Reply

      I 100% agree on Brandon Pirri up for a FF post!

  7. Pat Reply

    hmmm….Brandon Bollig for Foxy Friday, Blackhawks socks in the new blog theme and a new “About Us” photo that appears to be taken in the reflection of Chicago’s “Bean” sculpture. Chuck and Pants, do you have a new favorite Western Conference team?

    • Pants Reply

      Pat, you’ve found us out… but only for something that at least I have been readily admitting to for years. The Blackhawks are my Western Conf team, Chuck only shudders because of last year’s Cup final and we even ditched our friends on an October trip to Chicago to go to a Hawks game. You can enjoy all 131 pieces of evidence that this is not new, but a long-standing weakness for the Hawks around here: In fact – are the Hawks the most-Foxy Friday’s team in history? They may be.

      • Pat Reply

        My apologies. I only started reading this blog in the Spring of 2013 when I was introduced to it through your Puck Daddy Beard Watch posts. There was a fair amount of Blackhawks coverage then, but I thought (wrongly) that it was due to the playoffs after a pretty heavy does of all things Crosby over the summer.

        I hope you had a great time while here in Chicago.

        Go Hawks!

        • Pants Reply

          We certainly did – and we can always do more Hawks coverage! Thanks for all the links, lots of those were things I’d never seen. And to think, I *almost* missed Kaner’s birthday yesterday.

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