Karma is a….

You fill in the blank.

Last night, Tyler Seguin and Rich Peverley both scored in the shootout to lift the Stars over the Bruins.  Perhaps it is a little poetic justice for those two guys who had to endure the embarrassing and juvenile booing and chants each time they touched the puck.

Booing?  Really?  Why is that even necessary? I loveloveLOVE the Bruins but sometimes their fans are just exceptionally ridculous.

In case you’ve forgotten, Seguin and Peverely didn’t ASK to be traded from Boston.  Their departure from Boston was a product of salary caps and business strategies.

Now, I don’t pretend that Seguin is some perfect, sacrosanct hockey player.  He made personal and professional mistakes that didn’t help his cause and contributed to the ease of his departure, but Peverely – Really, people?  What did Rich Peverley ever do to deserve your ire?

For all those people who vilified them last night, how quickly you have forgotten these two were are part of the team that brought the Stanley Cup to Boston for the first time in almost 40 years.  How quickly you have forgotten that #19 sweater that you so eagerly purchased proudly declaring your status as a Seguinista.

Well last night’s shootout was just for you then.  You know that all your booing and chanting and general turpitude just made Seguin and Peverely even more determined to shut you up.  And they did.  So good on ya. WTG.

Now they hate us and never want to come back here and it is all your fault.

Side Note: World Series champ Mike Napoli was at the game.  His beard, people.  It is glorious. I’m in love with him it him.

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  1. Becca Reply

    I kept saying that too…how they didn’t ask to be traded…Every time Seguin got booed a guy near me yelled “He still makes more than you!” Ugh, the boos and taunting drove me CRAZY!!!

  2. Why was it nearly impossible to find this game on the NHL network last night? There were tons of live look-ins at other games, but THIS was the game that I really wanted to see.

    So, so, so happy to see Seguin & Peverley score in the shootout. And not just because the Bruins lost, but because there was no reason for the Bruins to make such a big deal about Seguin’s shenanigans. Chiarelli could have made it about their depth at center, their need for a wing or the cap, but he made it personal. Hey, Peter, maybe if you’d spent less time complaining about Seguin and more time trying to mentor him, you would have liked the results. Could I introduce you to former ‘franchise ruining party boy’ and current 2-time Cup champion and Conn Smythe winner, Patrick Kane?

    Now I’m off to watch those highlights again.

    • Vanessa Reply

      I couldn’t have said it better, myself. Normally, I’m rooting for the Bruins, but last night, I was happy to see the Stars win and Seguin and Peverley having a lot to do with that.

  3. Lisa Reply

    Yeah, Seguin’s comments afterwards about not going back to Boston because he wants to play where he’s wanted were so sad. I am glad the Stars managed a win so full of irony though.

  4. Susan Reply

    There are idiots at every game. Like that bitch who dumped beer on Pardy’s head at the Hawks game tonight.
    I’m already dreading the day Parise comes back to Jersey, I know the fans are going to boo him relentlessly.

  5. Kate Reply

    The MINUTE they started taunting Seguin, I KNEW Boston was going to unravel. And it seemed only fitting that Seguin and Peverley (PEVERLEY!) would seal the Bruins fate in a shootout.