Canadians for America

Er, Chicagoans for Chicago?  You know what I mean.  I was going to call this post “Cup(s)” but I don’t have time for all the Pitch Perfect jokes today. (Hard pass.)


The Blackhawks visited DC yesterday to bring the Cup to the White House a second time.  While I should have been peering through fences and avoiding snipers for a glimpse, even Intern Jeff Skinner’s dimpled smile isn’t getting me out of federal prison.


I doubt most American Presidents give a holler about hockey – Barack hasn’t been to a Caps game and the official White House transcript of the Hawks’ last visit refers to Toews simply as “Player” –  but I appreciate their enthusiasm.  And the Hawks for bringing Obama a road jersey this year, since he already has a home sweater.


When the Hawks were here in 2011, everyone was giddy.  There was a mini Cup.  There was the kind of Toewsface that sometimes ends up on a watch list.  It was one Sponge Bob cake shy of a kids birthday party.


This time, the Blackhawks are grown up and sophisticated. They are men who win (often), represent their city and who bring their game faces when they come to the big stage.  Right, Captain Toews?


Of course right.

This year, the honor of wearing a gray suit went to Kaner.  I must say it works on him; that and standing up front.  Boy, he is fun size.


I love this White House tradition.  I have called my father out over not being President for this very reason.  He assured me that would result in the Flyers winning every year the Rangers didn’t, and I’d be running around locking doors and challenging everyone’s immigration status. Perhaps that is the true meaning of democracy – being civil for a photo with your enemy.

chasing liberty

Shhh, I’m just going to plant this evidence.

My dad also pointed out that before long, I will be old enough to run for President myself.  Frankly that is rude,but…

NEW LIFE PLAN.  Phase One: Delete this blog.  Phase Two: Stanley Cup White House Prom and Kegger, Sponsored by Reebok and Yuengling.


You are all invited – and you’ll all be called in my background check.  Consider that when answering carefully.

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  1. jana Reply

    I don’t know, Pants. Your years as a faux-nadian resident might hurt you. 😉

  2. Pants for President – You have my vote.

  3. But Pants, Kaner is officially 5’11″… LOLZ.

    This gives me so many happy feels though: America! Blackhawks! All my favourite things together at last! Well, almost. Unless I find out that dim sum was served at the reception.

    PS – does the vice president have to be American? Because dibs.

  4. REQUIREMENT for the Stanley Cup White House Prom: Sid & Suttsy recreate Maverick & Goose and there are PHOTOS this time!!! 🙂

    When that phone rings, my name is Corporal Klink: “I know nuh-sink!” 😉

  5. 5’11”? Lie. Bold. Face. Lie.

    The level of Toews’ derp is amazing. He did that face on purpose, right? He knew we were watching him.

    • It’s the secret signal we decided upon. When he derps, he’s actually saying “I love you, Jessica.”

  6. I just watched the entire video and it is the CUTEST thing ever. Toews and Kane elbowing eachother when Obama said their names, Crawford blushing so hard, the awkward shuffle before pictures. I am DYING from the cute.