James Neal Wasn’t Done

Puppies?  BAH.  That’s not enough.  James Neal noticed that some of you had regained consciousness after the pet calendar shoot yesterday, so he went to the Boys & Girls Club.

Video: James Neal Boys & Girls Club Visit


If you can’t play, this is a really great way to show off your hair and hoodie.  Also helping children – that is important too.  Especially that one in the penguin hat because everyone knows the main reason to have kids and pets is to make them wear adorable costume-like accessories.

James now has a program called Neal’s Neighborhood where he gives tickets to families so kids can watch Penguins hockey.  Can I live in this neighborhood? Does it need a mayor?


One kid asks James if he’s good at hockey.  That would be my kid.  “My mom likes Crosby better, how come you’re not as good as he is?” and I’d be looking around like I’d never seen that child before in my life.


The kids are encouraged to ask James about his hair.  When they get too close with their bunny ears for a picture, he makes sure they don’t mess with the flow.

neal3White tube socks.  Boys.

Katie O’Malley asks a tween girl what she’s going to tell people about the James Neal experience, and this girl holds it together 100000018% better than you. What I really want to see are the texts she sent her friends.  Oh I can – it’s called the entire James Neal Tumblr Feed.

Or this blog.


Watch the video, appreciate James’ charity initiatives, even volunteer at the B&G Club near your house.  They do incredible work and kids are fun!  They are witty and honest and awesome and this one, right here, is smarter than everyone in the room.

neal4Future WUYS blogger.

You’re doing it right, girl.

If this whole thing has you thinking about hot dads, here are a few bonus pictures from yesterday.  I don’t know if this is a calendar about pets or cardigans but yes, a thousand times yes.

tangerSource: Twitter

puppies1Source: Instagram

No word if Crosby participated in the calendar shoot, or if he was presented with a pocket-sized all-black kitten and given the option of holding it or freaking the hell out.  I’ll assume this means he chose option B and bought all incriminating video evidence for an immediate destruction spin in that beat up dryer/goal.

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  1. Heather (HockeyValleyGirl) Reply

    Thanks Pants. I thought I was in hormonal overdrive over the damn putppies…

  2. Heather (HockeyValleyGirl) Reply

    Ugh, puppies. See, what a hockey player who hangs out with puppies and kids does to me!

  3. Liz Reply

    This is the school district where I grew up, and where my mom still works. One of the other teachers sent her a link to the video, which she forwarded to me with the note “I think James Neal is involved,” and when I opened the email I said “HOLY CRAP” out loud.

    So… No real point to that story except that I’m at work making that same Jennifer Lawrence face and wondering why this didn’t happen when I was a kid.

  4. Amy Reply

    You’ve probably seen them, but there are photos of James and his posse on the Pens site too. 🙂

  5. Kellee Reply

    Just watched this and the video from the pet calendar shoot at work. My coworkers don’t seem to understand my giggling or the reason I’ll be spending the rest of my shift fanning myself on the floor, curled up under the desk.

  6. Scarlett Reply

    He has to google himself and take tips on what’s most likely to kill us dead. It’s working James. It’s working.

  7. MB Reply

    I knew there was a reason my husband “needed to use the computer” today. Like, all day. Well, too bad. It didn’t work. I saw this anyway! Cue the evil Halloweenish laughter…

  8. snickerdoodlecupcake87 Reply

    Add to that the video of when he autographed a baby when delivering season tickets this year and my ovaries are aching like never before right now!