Canada is Glorious, Ch. 211

You may recall a while back when I got really excited about this.


Like whooping, twirling and scaring Intern Jeff Skinner excited.  (We don’t let him work the Halloween Party.)  Then yesterday, more screams were heard ’round the world as Lindsay and Alison whipped these around the internet.



Alison found this teaser:


And she was all, “WHAT THAT IS NOT ENOUGH!”


But today, the full length video went up.  And it was this face all day:


Try it for yourself:


My lifelong brand loyalty to Coca-Cola has been validated in a way I could never repay at the cost of soda these days.  When a server asks, “Is Pepsi okay?” I always say, “No.”  Now I will say it much louder.

So many things.  First the narration is so Ron Burgundy-esque that I bet they’re broadcasting from a hot tub full of scotch.  Steven’s boyfriend sweatshirt is in full effect.  Then it actually says “let his stick do the talking.”  I swear, no one runs this stuff by girls.

Oh wait, they do.  Adorable outtakes?  Insightful B-roll?

Oh my, it’s really pronounced “RegIna.”  I was hoping that might not be true.

Wait until Stamkos blames it all on John Tavares while casually drawing your focus to how well his shirt fits.  We know where to look, Steven.


All this attention is making #TeamEbs nervous.


Okay, I love everyone.  My crappy day at work is erased as I watch this on a loop.


There is a second, deleted video of more chirping.  I tried to find it but the only Google results for “eberle stamkos” are this blog and fanfiction.  So basically this blog twice.  If anyone turns it up, we want it!

For  now, enjoy Cabbie giving Stammer acting lessons.  The next time a guy asks why girls go to the bathroom together, say you’re working on this.


Or just say:


POST SCRIPT: From Lindsay, courtesy of Sharp Magazine.

stammer1Click photos for super hi-res. You’re welcome.


Bonus: Joffrey Lupul in suits.

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  1. Val Reply

    Even though it is all about the real live, very cold Coca-Cola, I could pinch hit if necessary…sssscccwwwwiiiinnnnggggg!

  2. Cathy Henry Reply

    Maybe it’s because I’m old enough to be their moms, but I think the funniest part is Bob McKenzie & the dad. And maybe Aunt Gladys.

  3. I have died a very happy, boyfriend-sweater induced death. Thank you, Steven Stamkos. On my tombstone, please write “she died happy” #Stammer

  4. As far as Regina pronunciation is concerned. Once you know how to pronounce it, the fact that people call it the city that rhymes with fun makes a lot more sense.