Foxy Friday: Andrew Cogliano

It’s time to bring back to our favorite day, and with feeeeeeeeeling.

Foxy Friday: Andrew Cogliano


From way out west (and arguably the League’s coldest arena), we bring you a guy who knows his way around hockey.  Since coming into the NHL in 2007, Andrew has played 459  games.  Yes, that’s every single game – 459 straight.  We are impressed.  And exhausted.


He’s a third-line center with 83 career goals + 195 points.  After spending his first few seasons with the Oilers, Andrew almost went to Ottawa in ’09 as part of a Dany Heatley trade that Heatley blocked.  Cogliano was dealt to the Ducks in June 2011.  That season netted him just 26 P (0.32 PPG), but during last year’s lockout-shortened frame his production increased to 23 P  (0.48 PPG).


Andrew looks like the kind of guy with an Italian grandmother that gives the stink eye to all his girlfriends.  That did not deter Allie Bertram, his past/maybe present GF who appeared on So You Think You Can Dance Canada (is this a real thing?) and a great episode of our favorite show, Psych.  Normally we wouldn’t mention it but we really love Psych.

You also know how we love our hockey players:

Scoring goals.

From last week in pre-season.  The LA Times called it “amazing.”


coglianoCourtesy of Brandon Bollig in March 2013

Near Crosby.


Doing squats.


Friends with Sam Gagner.

Do you think Andrew tried to help Sam re: Hobbit hair?

No really, they love each other.  And it’s a major life revelation that, like me, Sam does not drink coffee.  I thought I was alone!

(We’ve officially lost Lindsay now.)

He’s friends with Cabbie.


Keeping in shape.


He’s even checking out the merchandise.  (There are see-through panels in her pants, it’s not his fault.)


STOP. Is this the other half of this James Neal magazine feature?  What the heck is this from?!

And while we’re at it, what is THIS from?

cogliano6Click for super big photo while we joke that size matters.

Oh, it’s from the 2009 ESPN Body Issue.  They get us every time.


Andrew will skate his 460th consecutive game on Saturday when the Ducks face the Wild.  Maybe being Foxy Friday will bring him more “amazing” spin-o-rama, fall down goal luck.  Take good care of Matty P, Andrew, and make sure no other coaches attack Bruce.

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  1. I would eat a Sunday pasta dinner with him. #meatball

  2. Who’s the other guy in the penalty box with him?

    • It’s Sheldon Souray.. who somehow never ages.

      • Pants Reply

        Who asked me out once when we were teenagers and he played in Albany. That’s how old I am (though he’s a few years older). Someday I’ll post pictures from that era. May I have aged as well as he has!

        • OMG, please please please!

  3. SuperAllyK Reply

    How, exactly, am I supposed to now get anything done today?
    Oh that helmet…

  4. Might this be the best Foxy Friday evarrrrrr? SO.MANY.THOUGHTS:

    – Pants – not a coffee drinker? How do you liiiivvvveee???
    – Friends with Sam? Well, this must be love.
    – So You Think You Can Dance Canada – yes, t’was a real thing.

    As for those pictures? You guys never fail to amaze. Here’s to Friday!

  5. The WiFi on this train won’t let the squats picture load. Probably as a security tactic to prevent me from making a public scene. That doesn’t explain the Nudey Nudersons though. Not that I’m complaining.

  6. Amy Reply

    Thank you for this today! I love Andrew and I want to have dinner at his Nonna’s house. “Can you still move? Have some more!”

    And yay for #TeamGagner! I don’t drink coffee either despite being from the birthplace of several coffee companies. #TeamDietCoke

  7. He was just interviewed on either NHL Live or NHL Tonight earlier this week and I actually thought to myself, “he would make a great Foxy Friday candidate.”

    And voila!

  8. Deidra Reply

    I love how the first thing I thought of when I saw the photo of him staring at the girl with the cut out pants was “This looks like the other half of the Neal photo!!!” I read further and sure enough you thought the same! For real though..I want that magazine!

  9. This is my new favorite blog!

  10. Sasha P Reply

    So happy to finally see a Duck get the honor of being a Foxy Friday!!! And a very good choice of Cogliano overall. He’s an awesome player and I’m glad he’s on our side.

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