The Day Has Come

Thanks to everyone who sent this to me while I was at the county fair last night. My reaction noise definitely startled some livestock.

James Neal appears to have extended his tattoo to a full sleeve.


All together now… “UGH.”

Okay, that was just me.  And what I really said was, “CoughMikeGreencough.”


I don’t hate it – it’s tough to even see it and I bet it’s not finished. Let’s say I’m not really looking forward to more.  Unless James gives us a hipster glasses-and-tank top selfie for examination – there are brownie points to be had here.  Also if there is a little 71 hidden in there somewhere.

So enjoy this while waiting for a glimpse of more.  I’ll be over here taking solace in the fact that Crosby would never do this to me.  Look at him there at the end, all short and built like a brick house.

(Posting from my phone, sorry if this is a mess!)

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  1. I'm with Pops... Reply


  2. MB Reply

    I wasn’t that happy to see it, either. My reaction was, “No! NO!! Don’t do that…Why?!” I don’t think it’s finished, either. In some photos, it looks incomplete, like it’s only on the outside of his arm so far. I’ll join you. UGH.

  3. Might I add that it looks like the picture was taken from an angle that is not exactly contributing to Sid’s height (or lack there of). Still love him though.

  4. Steph Reply

    Personally, I think sleeve tattoos are extremely sexy on (the right) guys. I am really attracted to this one rock star who has two full sleeves and I am also really attracted to Crosby who is the complete opposite and has none. The fact that I love hockey players and rock stars separately and now certain rockstar traits are crossing over to the hockey world, I’m on a bit of sensory overload! I will say this though, while sleeves are sexy, I’m not sure how I feel about them on Neal. Mike Green on the other hand, wowza!

    • Marlene Reply

      I completely agree with you. I love sleeves that are well done on guys, but I think Mike Green is pulling it off better than Neal. I think the polo shirts on Neal is not helping support the image of a man with sleeves. I miss Jose Theodore and his tattoos.

  5. Snow Reply

    Neal’s “trying unsuccessfully to suppress a laugh” face is my very favorite. Also in total support of the full sleeve.

    • Bull Girl Reply

      It’s the peaceable Canuck in him going, “Can has shoots M16?!?!”

  6. Could you hear me screaming all the way from Calgary??? I still think there’s a ways to go before this beauty is totally finished – looks like Nealer’s just got the outlining done, shading still to come. But for now….

    The hair + scruff + tight shirts + full sleeve?

    MEOW. x1,000,000

  7. Susan Reply

    I don’t mind tattoos =)
    It amuses me to see how short Sidney is.

  8. Stacy Reply

    If done right, and on the right guy, full sleeves are hot. It also depends on what they have on their arms. Neal just looks like an old hipster with man boobs in that top pic, while Green is a total hottie.

  9. Why are they all lined up? Is there going to be a hockey conga line?

    I’m generally in favor of tattoos. I want more close-up pix.