Team Canada – Recess

There is video from yesterday’s Team Canada ball hockey game.


The players all look so happy – almost as happy as I would be if this were a t-shirt shop and I had a bag full of Canadian money.  Collect all 48!

There are moments when, as part of the unfreezing process, you have no inner monologue.  So here’s mine, in yellow and red, as this was going through my mind out loud:


tc10 Toews love-fest from the Calgary Sun






Family Photo!

tc8Click photo for larger version – from Sporting News

Hey, zoom in!


These two.



Or maybe…

tc17Now with MORE arrows!




There are more videos at TSN (right sidebar).  Endless footage of fit guys running around sounds like the perfect way to spend a Tuesday.

Coming Soon: another round of The Bachelorette.  But first this bonus round…

Chris Kunitz, John Tavares, Sidney CrosbyWill JT91 be named next captain of the Islanders? –

And click this one for the new desktop wallpaper of your life:

Sidney Crosby

You’re welcome.  Love, Canada

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  1. “Click this one for the new desktop wallpaper.” CHECK.

    ALSO, JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There you are! Looking fabUlous. Apparently there’s more ball hockey and FLY FISHING on the docket today? Alison and I are on it guys!

  2. And this is why I love you and am so blessed to have you in my life.

    Dutchie/Crosby heart photo is my all time favorite.

  3. Sidney’s calf > Dustin’s man boobs

  4. It took me actually five minutes of feeling like an awful Canadian/hockey fan to figure out the random next to #TeamEbs is the University of Calgary player filling in for Jumbo Joe. (Get better soon, baby River!)

    You should ask Lindsay my exact reaction when I saw Matt and Sid standing together. Actually, you can probably just imagine it yourself.

  5. Rhonda Reply

    That’s Seabrook standing next to Duncan Keith on the left. Where else would he be?

    • Pants Reply

      I actually forgot to label him, and Bergy standing in front of them. Hi guys!

  6. Ella Reply

    Why did they deny us this much of the other group? I need more Human Disaster/Delight Jeff Carter and his brofriend, Richie. And moor Marty St. Louis stuck on a line with them.

  7. MB Reply

    This is so awesome. It’s been a less than great day — well, until I saw this. Thanks for the timely James Neal fix! Much better now!

  8. Becca Reply

    I would just like to say that, even as a Bruins fan, I love the “No rose for you” for Lucic….mainly because I can’t stand him….
    And OMG Toews! love love love!

    Aside from that, even though I’m Team USA, (almost) all of my favorite players are from Canada and ugh, they’re all so gorgeous. I’m a bad American….

    • Becca Reply

      I forgot to add the “I have a soft spot for Team Canada” before putting that last sentence….

  9. In defense of Lucic, he doesn’t have bad posture, he has scoliosis or some junk. And was very nice to me when I asked for a picture even though he and his wife were clearly trying to leave.

    Enought about that… I had almost forgotten how MUCH I love Toews (like not the fact, but the FEELS), but I have spent the last two days FLAILING. So everything is status quo.

  10. Heather Reply

    This. Made. My. Week!!! Thanks, Lindsey & Alison, for your brave sacrifices on our behalf! Hah!!

    Pants, I could not STOP laughing at your captions – you’re letting your comedic brilliance out to play as usual. Thank you!!

    Not going to lie – I definitely “borrowed” 2 pictures from this post to use as wallpaper (either desktop or phone – maybe both!) and neither is the Sid golfing one. Ya’ll know I love that Gingerbeard also known as Nealmobile, so I had to have some. 🙂

    Can’t wait for more!!

  11. Mel Reply

    I won’t even be mad if Canada wins gold again with this group.. I’ll just watch curling instead and cheer for the US so I technically won’t be reducing the number of events that I’m actively cheering for the USA in. But, uh guys. Question of the day- is James Neal really getting married?!?