More Moments, Please.

If you put all of my favorite things into one of those lottery machines and gave it a few spins, what are the odds that these four things would fall out?

  • Stamkos
  • #TeamEbs
  • Cabbie
  • Coca-Cola

The answer would be zero, but that’s already the name of this campaign.


These two will star in the next “Moment Zero” feature for Coke Zero.  The first brought us Kevin Wheeler, and Ebs’ distractingly perfect and probably autobiographical performance as a guy whose mom drives him to games [link].

What do you think this one is about?



Here’s a Vine from TSN in which Stamkos tries to trade Cabbibe his Ebs action figure for what looks like a bag of Ring Dings.  I love ya, Jordan, but a bag of Ring Dings is a really good offer.


Back to the shoot, which took place on August 8.  How I managed not to see this for 11 days… the internet is full of marvels, people.  FULL.

coke2Steven’s Clark Kent hair.


The idea of hockey players in national ad campaigns, during which people actually recognize them, makes me want to throw this keyboard out the window and walk to Canada.  It’s only 655km, according to Google Maps, which converts all measurements involving Canada to kilometers because it mistakenly assumes only Canadians wants to know the distance.  I want to know!  I don’t understand you!  (Calm and converted – it’s 407 miles.)


The only way this ad could be better is if it were for Mexicola and Intern Jeff Skinner guest-starred.  Then he brought us those Ring Dings.

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  1. I assume those aren’t Ring Dings because we don’t have those in Canada and I don’t know what they are. Are they like Wagon Wheels?

    • Pants Reply

      In the US, Wagon Wheel is a song, not a snack, but it is bringing back Hootie in a big way. I Googled them and yes, Ring Dings look like Wagon Wheels. Essentially chocolate cake filled with cream, shaped like a hockey puck. My childhood in snack form.

  2. Alison and I were hanging out together in Toronto on this day, in DOWNTOWN TORONTO, and missed Ebs and Stammer by a few hours where they were shooting. *shakes fist at the sky and screams* This commercial had better be really worth it because that green hoodie is pretty boyfriend, material, Steven…I traveled all the way to TO and didn’t see ONE member of the Southern Ontario Bros Club. SHAME.

  3. Casey Reply

    It’s only a mere 97 miles from good ole Burlington, VT to Montreal. Time spent at the border for having a French middle and last name takes roughly 2.5 hours if you’re like me… if you’re Americanized, probably a good hour to the border, another half hour to Montreal. But, what’s that you say? There aren’t any worthy sports teams in Montreal? It’s only 6 hours to Toronto and three to Ottawa! 🙂 chasing Canadian hockey players since 1987….

    • Pants Reply

      I don’t know about worthy teams, but PK Subban’s new Instagram account could sway anyone…

  4. Ashley Reply

    #teamebs forever and ever and ever. that is all.

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