Foxy Friday: Gary Roberts

I”ve never particularly enjoyed the gym.   Or running.  Or sweating of any kind, really.

My preferred method of working out is swimming, 1) because I don’t feel myself sweating and 2) because sometimes I pretend that I’m a mermaid.

But as some of you may be aware, Pants and I are in “training” for the Chicago URBANATHLON in October.  The 10.8 (!) mile course is like a Tough Mudder without the mud.  We get to climb over a bus, run the stairs of Soldier Field, and jump over police barricades.

In short- we are preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Since we signed up to do this thing, I’ve seriously had to re-evaluate my aversion to the gym, especially since I want to finish the race, eat a deep dish pizza, and make it to the Hawks game that night. (What? You didn’t think Pants and I would be in Chicago and NOT go to a game.?  Silly rabbits.)

This week’s Foxy Friday, Gary Roberts, has helped me to do just that.

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Roberts is a former NHLer who after his playing days were over, transitioned to becoming one of the most sought after trainers in hockey.  His gym, Gary Roberts High Performance Centre, is where most of our favorite players work out in the off-season.

It’s like our perfect version of summer camp.  Exceptionally talented and attractive hockey players just hanging out, doing squats and whatever these things are called.

With this race looming large and my ever increasing fear of not making it through all the obstacles, I’m using Gary (and his videos) as my inspiration.

Every time that I work out from now on, I’m going to imagine Gary standing over my shoulder, looking and judging my utter lack of upper body strength.

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When I don’t want to run any more because my compression sports bra is cutting off circulation to my brain, I’m going to think of Gary.


Remember ladies (and gents), next time you are at the gym and don’t really want to be, pretend that Gary is there.  .

Now when I’m working out, I’m going to pretend that Gary and all the “campers” working out next to me.

My goal is to look (and feel) like this..


But until then…I’ll look (and feel) like this.


Follow Gary on Twitter at @GaryRobertsHPT

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  1. I think it’s perfectly reasonable that you would reward yourself for 10.8 miles of badassery with 20 perfect specimens of athletic handsomeness and a deep dish pizza.

    In other news, my half marathon training team starts tomorrow. New plan of attack: imagine James Neal is waiting for me at the finish line.

    • Also waiting at the finish line – Gabe Landeskog, Steve Stamkos, Patrick Sharp – all shirtless.

      That’ll motivate you.

  2. You know, this might just do the trick to get me to actually run.

    • If you have a smart phone, download the Couch to 5K app. Great way to ease into running. I’ve been using it and really like it.

  3. Cassy Reply

    Chuck: Bergy at the finish line. And/or whispering encouragement in your ear as you train.

    That is all.

  4. Just please don’t start mainlining chia seeds or IV drip aloe juice because his nutrition obsession makes me NUTS (no pun intended). The nutrition major in me has a conniption. Otherwise his training is A+. 10/10 would recommend (watching on youtube only because obviously).

    Let me also say, having the men’s hockey team in the weight room during my team’s lift session definitely pushed me to add 2.5 pounds to my single arm dumbbell rows.

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