Birthday Boy: Sidney Crosby

It’s 8.7 and that can mean only one thing…

Happy birthday, Sidney Crosby!


Those of us who love Crosby know there are many, many moments of this:


And more than a few of this:


When Sid is on the ice.  But if he wanted us to base our opinions only on this:


He shouldn’t have been born on this:


Love him or hate him… wait, forget that.  Love him.  It’s his birthday.  It’s summer.  For heaven’s sake he looks like this:


Over the life of WUYS, if I haven’t made you love Crosby, well then I’ll just keep on trying.  Allow me to present, in celebration of 26 years…

Unofficial Top 10 (Off-Ice): Sidney Crosby

10. I could never look him in the eye and say “stick” without promptly turning to flee in a giggly panic.


9. He’s good with kids, by matching them in awkwardness:


8. Scratch that, he is the King of Awkward.


7. He is on the (very) short list of guys allowed to wear a gold chain.


6. Do you color code your closet, then organize shirts by descending length of sleeve with a cross-reference for last time you wore that item to a hockey game your team won?  Your crazy doesn’t even register here.


5. This, if there were an HBO version.

4. Every time Sid doesn’t say what you know he wants to say.  Like when a CBC reporter asked him if he’d thought about never playing in the NHL again.


3. Then he played in the NHL again.  (Okay, ONE on the ice moment!)

2. Those hockey games that leave everyone:


1. And every single time this happens.


26 years old.  Eight years in the NHL, 238 goals, 427 assists.  One Art Ross Trophy, one Hart Trophy, one Rocket Richard Trophy.  One Stanley Cup.  One Olympic Gold.  What do you think, Sid?  Another good year ahead?


So say we all.  Happy birthday, Sid.

For old times sake: Birthday Boy: Crosby – 25Birthday Boy: Crosby – 24

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  1. ~ceej Reply

    Fine. Today I will begrudgingly love him. A little. Not much. Ok.. Legendary. Extraordinary…. Will surpass Le Magnifique. Sigh… But can we pleeeeese get back to some hawt pix of a certain Swede that I KNOW exist out there?!?! Have seen. Must see again. Awaiting the Return of The King.,..

  2. Alyssa Reply

    I LOVE HIS AWKWARDNESS! To make this day even better is that its Hump Day ; )

  3. Alex Reply

    He’s so damn perfect. My love for him is endless, and he’s my future husband <3 happy birthday Sid <3333333

  4. I just *randomly* happened to be touching my hair like that Ariel gif when I scrolled through this post. Consider it the Crosby touch! (like that video that was posted yesterday. The Crosby touch…)

    Pants I think the only thing missing here is his en Francais abilities? The ones that leave us all (Alison) on the cold, hard ground? Perfect, Sid, as usual. Happy birthday – to another great year!

    • Pants Reply

      They almost made the list. They can be number 1.5, the secret weapon.

    • This maybe possibly prompted me to to go and watch all the SportChek French version commercials. (The job interview one? DEAD.)

      And then the tomato sandwich one. (The mayo is RIGHT THERE, Sid.)

      And then YouTube recommended the he Dempster’s commercial. And the Tim Horton’s commercial that always makes everyone cry.

      Okay.. it’s 11:00am I need to get my productivity back on track..

      • Warning: Watching too many Crosby commercials in a row leads to extreme amounts of typos…

  5. I’ve been rendered completely speechless.

    Happy birthday, you sexy piece of awkward man meat, you!

  6. Heather (HockeyValleyGirl) Reply

    I actually had to walk around the beach to get service so I could check out your post, Pants! Sid is deliciously awkward, talented and all things hockey to me. Hope you had a great birthday #87, because the female hockey fan-base are damn glad you were born!

  7. Deb Reply

    Great post, Pants!! I adore Crosby too….took a stroll around the office and reminded everyone on Wednesday that it was Crosby’s birthday! Age is not discussed on this board right.:) I attend Pens games and almost fell over the railing in an attempt to receive a high five from 87 but the person I was with did receive that high five! Sid is a great person as well as hockey player. He does many charitable acts in Pittsburgh without media fanfare and hype for which I give him a lot of a credit.

  8. holly Reply

    where can I get the hoodie that Crosby is wearing? the one that says Crosby hockey