Summer Nights

Oh for heaven’s sake.  Come home from tropical vacation, depressed about going back to work?  Sidney Crosby to the rescue.

[Sorry y’all, copyrighted photos from this post were removed by request.  You’ll have the survive on screencaps from the CTV interview linked below.]

Sid and Brand Marchand took part in the Phoenix Night of Champions youth fundraiser last night in Halifax.  You all know how I feel about Marchand, which basically boils down to CENSORED.  I’ll give Brad a pass for one night since good deeds were done, money raised, Stanley Cup rings worn and, well…


Gah. SHOULDERS, Crosby.  That shirt is made of hopes and dreams.  What kind of fundraiser is this?  Can I throw money at the stage?


I’m already giggling like:


More photos from the event at @CTVAtlantic@MelaniePriceCTV and @HockeyNS.

UPDATE: Courtesy of @alisonsykora:  Crosby interview at Phoenix event in which the moderator actually fangirls a little and tells him, “”You’re even more handsome than you were before the injury, howisthatpossible?!”



I knew the Cup rings were big, but DAMN.  That thing’s like an ice cube.


Also in Nova Scotia, a few days back, Sid practiced with #1 draft pick and mini-Crosbot-type Nathan MacKinnon.  Here’s the practice video, and here are six minutes of interview that I would pay cash to watch on a movie screen.

With popcorn.

sid11I wonder if there are girls watching.

Particularly the moment at 2:34, in which I imagine myself running up behind the camera guy yelling, “For the love of everything, ZOOOOOOOM!”

sid9There probably are, right?

He’s all teeth fixed, hair cut and clean shaven, just waiting to meet your parents.

Sorry. I could go on all day.

sid10Aaaand now I’m nervous. (Hands in pockets.)

The Pens schedule is here, plan your lives accordingly.

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  1. g. Reply

    He’s a giver, that guy.

  2. Chuck. And me. Natch.

  3. I’ll give you a pass on how you feel about Marchand, seeing as you know how I feel about Ovie 😉

  4. Cindy Day: Atlantic Canadian legend and national fangirl hero.

    • “six minutes of interview that I would pay cash to watch on a movie screen.” TRUTH.

      My day is completely ruined in the best way possible between this and that Pascal Dupuis article Alison just re-Tweeted. Between Sid’s face and Cindy Day and Duper’s wife and kids…I’m just a perfectly happy mess.

  5. I don’t even know how I stumbled onto this site but you have made an incredibly crappy day SOOOOOO much better! Thanks!