Foxy Friday: Glasses

It started with this:

geno2from Geno’s Instagram

Well no, our obsession with boys in glasses began long ago.  Maybe it was when Chuck and I got our own glasses, or when we realized that we a) are nerds and b) like nerds.  Glasses may be more cool than Coke bottle these days, but the allure remains.


Smart is sexy.  The appearance of intelligence doesn’t hurt either.  It really helps if you look like you might read a book once in a while, and we’re not talking about the Official Strategy Guide for World of Warcraft.  (Kidding!  Mr. Pants has this.)


Based on the knowledge that girls do make passes at boys who wear glasses, here’s a collection of indisputable, photographic proof.

Foxy Friday: Hockey Players in Glasses

gabe Okay, that’s unfair.

Now is the time to embrace your inner dork and give in.


Don’t kid us with your faux-frames, Kevin!  Kes would never do that.


Glasses can really improve any outlook.

dustin They cannot overcome two earrings though, Buff.

And make terrifying things like Shea Weber’s beard slightly less so.


Glasses are a gateway drug for hipsters…

mike glasses He’s since had Lasik, sorry.

… and at the same time, their crowning glory.


We haven’t seen these specs since Paul Gaustad left for Nashville…


Or since Chris Kirkpatrick’s turtleneck wardrobe went out of style.

flower That awkward high school photo of everyone, ever.

They can be used as a disguise…

kanerCape optional.

But if we see them on TV, we’re going to want to see them on your face.  We’re talking to you, James Neal.


And we’re not above getting your best friend to peer pressure you (or withhold breakfast).

paul martin

Heck, glasses even work on Flyers…


And ex-boyfriends (who are now Flyers)…


And lobsters.


You don’t have to be a part-time model.  But it doesn’t hurt.


BONUS ROUND! Suggested by @jstefanc:


Happy Friday!

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  1. James Neal wearing glasses would ruin me for life, just saying.

    Geno wearing glasses had me giggling like a little girl.

    Professor Paul makes me want to go for my Ph.D.

    Max, M.A. and Letang in glasses is just so French that I just can’t….

    I need to get Hubs to wear is glasses more often.

  2. MC Reply

    This post is evil. However, Letang is surprisingly not fitting in here. He looks like he inherited those frames from his deceased grandpa. He put them on once for sentimental value, while trying to look cool with the world’s dorkiest pose. It’s just unnatural.

  3. Casey Reply

    Someone told me when I was younger that boys didn’t like girls who wore glasses, so I got contacts, (that obviously wasn’t the only reason-played sports, I like to wear sunglasses, etc). Now, I see glasses everywhere! I even bought new frames this year, which are fantastically nerdy, that somedays I completely forgo trying to put in contacts. Thank you hockey players everywhere for showing boys and girls that it is cool to where/have them. Embrace your negative (or is it positive?) eyesight! But, please, for the love of hockey gods everywhere, never let Flower embrace his inner Chis Kirkpatrick ever again.

    • Casey Reply

      Note: not wearing contacts/glasses when typing Chris… Oops.

  4. Um, dare I say that Geno in glasses is better than Geno in contacts? Am I the only one???

    • Pants Reply

      Second. So say we all.

      • Marissa Reply

        Yes, 100%

    • It’s what finally tipped the scales….Geno = FOXY.

    • Maddie Reply

      No, you are not the only one. I now have a whole new (off the ice) appreciation for number 71!

    • Joni Reply

      Jeeeez, Geno. You’re killin’ me!

  5. Marissa Reply

    I’m kind of weird and got curious like a week ago as to which hockey players wore glasses so that resulted in a google search. So I am so happy that this is today’s Foxy Friday!

  6. Jesus, this post. Amazing, save for missing James Neal in glasses. James, just give us what we want! And then a photo of you wearing glasses!

    Also Andrew Ference? Your tattoos + glasses? MEOW.

  7. AF Reply

    OK, gotta say that’s an impressive collection of photos of hockey boys in glasses.

    Again – love your blog and I look forward to every entry, especially during the off-season.

  8. Sarah Reply

    I’ve been looking for that picture of Andrew Ference for about 3 years. It was my desktop picture in college. I got annoyed with the guys in my engineering classes having half naked women on their desktops, so I stuck Ference on mine. And when my computer died (one of my projects crashed it), it got lost.

    • I’ve got a copy on my hard drive. 🙂 Pants can put you in touch with me…

      • Sarah Reply

        I just copied the one in the post, but thanks!

  9. God, that pic of Ference does me in.

    If Mr Blue Blue Eyes ( Brooks Laich) wore them it would finish me off. Wait – or Bergy. Or Sid.

    I need help.

  10. Amy Reply

    Lasik is the work of the Devil. Thank you for this post, it’s one of the best Foxy Fridays ever.

    And here’s a thought: Do Paulie and Nealmobile trade glasses just for giggles to see who bumps into the wall first? 😀

  11. Ashley Reply

    all i’m going to say is thank you for this. really, thank you.

  12. MAF’s turtleneck is my favourite thing today.

    Okay – second favourite after Hipster Dog-Parent Seguin.

  13. Wool Reply

    Ah yes, Geno suddenly becomes 10x as alluring with glasses, I wish he wore them more often.
    Another suggestion for the list: Handzus in glasses is also very foxy indeed!

    • lynn Reply

      I thought I was the only one finding Handzus very foxy with glasses on!!
      I love watching his postgame interview…HELLO!

  14. This is the perfect way to meet my nerd & hockey needs. Major nerdgasm.