Party Rock

What better way to celebrate Canada Day than with the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks?  Since we cannot keep up with these kids, here are ten great photos from the festivities of the last week.

Whatever you expected from a Patrick Kane party, you were underestimating.


SWEDES, you have passed us!! (photo by @jstefanc)


Police barricades can’t stop this cute at the Hawks parade. (also by @jstefanc)


Drunk Toews getting off the drunk bus by holding onto the stripper pole.


Kaner letting a guy with this mustache get all up on his trunk.


Corey Crawford, heavyweight f-bomb champion of the day.

hawks 4

Patrick Kane doing exactly that I’d do with the Cup AGAIN – take it to see Jimmy Buffett and Mac McAnally!

hawks 6

All these people who had more fun than we did on Friday.


Babies with the Cup.


And finally, this photo of Viktor Stalberg’s girlfriend that explains life, the universe and everything.


We’re with you, honey.

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  1. I was very worried that an allegedly “more mature” Kaner would deprive us of fabulous Cup party pix. I’m so, so happy that is not the case.

    • Ashley Reply

      ditto, so glad!

  2. Vanessa Reply

    What I love is that Kane might be the most ridiculous, but he’s not pushing it that much further than the rest of them.

  3. Drunk Toews is quickly becoming my favourite Toews.

    • Angie Reply

      I second that!

    • Thirded! Drunk Toews is spectacular! He even crowdsurfs!

  4. Marissa Reply

    “More mature Kane”….okay.

    I’m so happy the Hawks won not only because I love them but because let’s be honest, the party pictures from them are 10 times funnier than anything the Bruins could have given us.

  5. Between dancing Drunk Toews and PKane singing along with Wild One – this summer is A+ as far as I’m concerned.

    ALSO – Corey Crawford with the most beautifully expletive laced victory speech ever.

    • Marissa Reply

      I was watching the Rally on the live stream, and is it weird to say that Corey Crawford’s drunk speech made me so incredibly proud?

      • Nope – it made me want to incorporate the phrase “worked our nuts off” into conversation as often as is humanly possible.

        • Marissa Reply

          Amen to that.

  6. jana Reply

    What a fun day! The parade was spectacular–even if the buses did hightail it past us! But I can’t complain, I had front row “seats” along Washington Street and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day! Marian Hossa waved right at me; Nick Leddy paid special attention to my friend’s son by pointing at him; the dog that was surrounded by at least 30 Chicagoans, sitting patiently and perfectly for pics; and the Swedes … oh, the Swedes. All four on one bus. I could’ve died happy.

    Now we can all look forward to video and pictures to come of players’ day with the Cup. Didn’t Toews get a lake or town or something named after him last time? What’s next? A territory? I’d move there. Just sayin’.

  7. I’m convinced we’re not going to make it through the summer without news of a Blackhawks arrest. And unlike the last time, not convinced it won’t be Kaner. My money’s on Toews. Tumblr is a scary, scary place right now. Jonny, it’s like I don’t even know you any more! And…I LOVE IT. Just be safe this summer!

  8. Jocelyn Reply

    My hope is to one day go to Winnipeg, visit several Salvation Army stores (cuz that’s what I do) and find Jonathan’s grey plaid shorts on the rack. I will know them, they will know me.