Late Night Alumni

Did I say yesterday that Game 4 would go to overtime?  I was really proud of my predicition until I remembered almost every Blackhawks playoff game goes to overtime.  And lately, Brent Seabrook’s been ending them.


Look at Seabs’ hair post-game.  Was there a full moon last night?  He’s about to chew through the table.


Overall, Game 4 was bananas.


Twice goals were scored about 1 minute apart, twice goals were scored about 2 minutes apart.  You couldn’t look away.  If you overestimated the post-goal TV timeout and tried to make dinner, you missed the next one.  Oops.  Saturday night I’m ordering in.

One of those two minute spans was a goal for each of these guys, and let Hawks fans tell you how good that feels:


Toews hasn’t scored in 13 games.  It was just his 2nd goal in 22 playoff games this year.  Now is his slump over?  Can everyone stop talking about it?  Poor guy looked like he was trying to levitate a feather in Charms class but couldn’t get  “Wingardium Leviosa” quite right.

hermione Shutup, Kaner.

I’d get excited that the Hawks cracked Tuuka Rask, who had only given up 5 goals all series, but Crawford got beaten too.  At least it all happened on the same night.  It’s a best of three now, which probably means a lot of late nights.

Stock up on hockey, it’s going fast.

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  1. ceej Reply

    Ptttthhhh. I think Rask had some bad seafood. Or was somehow replaced with MAF. Oh DAMN! Yes, yes I did say that out loud. Ouchies.

  2. Stella Reply

    I wish I could have watched that goal, but sadly this happened to me when I watched the game

    • Still ceej! Reply

      well, it was painful.

  3. jana Reply

    These next two to three games are going to be epic.

    God help us all.

  4. At least we’re spared one game of Don Cherry claiming the series “is over” for now. UGH. Patrick Sharp’s goal celebration might have been the greatest thing ever, even if last night was an Oprah game: “You get a goal!” “YOU get a goal!” “YOU get a goal!”

    Thank god next game is Saturday. Three days to recover and prep for battle. Ugh, playoffs. We’re almost through, ladies.