Honey, I’m Home.

Remember me?  I was visiting my parents last week and there are no interwebs in the woods.  Also there is no NBC Sports Network so it’s a good thing I was at a Lady Antebellum show instead of trying to watch Game 2!  The outcome was also much better.

Chuck is on vacation and I am not using my chance to revel in her absence during the Finals!  Mwhahahahaha.


Have Toews doing Squats.  It’s on tonight.


PS: When you go away for a while, offseason pictures of your favorite funemployed hockey players really pile up.  Tomorrow, tomorrow, you’ll love me tomorrow.


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  1. Can we get a promise that the two of you won’t leave us all alone again at the same time? Or at least get us a babysitter, please? 🙂

  2. Hopefully this has the same magic mojo-giving powers that Foxy Friday has.