I Like Winning

As much as I like intensely battled hockey games, it’s nice to get a big win once in a while.  It’s nice to take a 3-1 playoff series lead.

Last night’s Pens/Sens game significantly reduced my risk of a heart attack.


Malkin said Neal was ready to bust out of his scoring slump [link], and it appears Geno knows a thing or two about hockey and his linemates.  Not only did Nealmobile have 2 goals last night, but so did Iginla.  There were so many hugs.

James Neal

And toe drags.


There were post-game interviews.


And the NHL Network Cisco Arena Cam, the most awkward “where am I looking?” interview in sports.

neal beardInterview video here.

There was also the Gingerbeard, looking more ginger and more mysterious than any mysteriously ginger beard before it.

Seriously, why is it this color on Canadian TV:


And this color on American TV?


It’s ginger either way, but Canada’s RGB – I mean the color model but this could also stand for Ridiculously Gingerbeard – is turned waaaaaaay up for TV.  America’s appears to be more subdued, in any lighting.  Are our neighbors to the north manipulating TV to make ginger beards appear more ginger?


robin sparkle

Defensively, last night was pretty shaky, but not since Game 1 vs. NYI have the Pens looked so confident and composed on offense.  When asked if the Senators could come back, captain Daniel Alfredsson said:

“Probably not,” he said, “Their depth and power play right now, it doesn’t look too good [for us].” – CBC.ca

Call me crazy but I’m not counting anyone out.  I am, however, counting on these Penguins to show up Friday night to put this series away.  Mr. Pants’ birthday is this weekend and we’re going to a bluegrass festival Sunday, when Game 6 would be.  No one wants to hear me screaming for goals over the sound of a banjo and some spoons.

sid fall

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  1. Rhonda Reply

    To me the soundtrack to hell will be ringing phones and a banjo….

  2. Sabrina Reply

    Canada thanks you for being so funny!!!

  3. Maddie Reply

    Happy (early) Birthday to Mr. Pants!

  4. I’m on holidays on a teeny Canadian island so had to stream this on CBC and the feed cut out JUST as Scott Oake was interviewing James Neal after the game. My screen froze on James’ Ridiculously Ginger Beard (forget the Mysteriously Ginger Beard, we’re alllllll about the RGB now) and my hubby was like “well at least you can fawn over his ginger beard now.” At least he gave me permission, right?

    50% of the reason I want the Pens to advance to the next round is to see the RGB continue to epic levels. Zero shame in admitting that.

  5. Joni Reply

    Kathryn Tappen almost succumbed to the wonder that is the Gingerbeard during the Cisco Arena Cam interview.