BeardWatch 2013: The Ginger Beard Edition

Never in considering playoff beards or writing this informative and newsworthy weekly feature did we expect to find that so many people share our affinity for ginger beards. You’re all into hockey, that’s enough to make us friends. This common captivation with facial hair takes our relationship to the next level.

Since we’ve made ginger beards a thing, it’s time to give them their due. Last week, we mentioned Daniel Alfredsson and Brian Bickell’s impressive contributions. Here are the rest of The Best 2013 Ginger Beards, from rusty to rosy and everything in between.

Read the whole article [here].

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  1. I’m not willing to post comments over at Puck Daddy because their commentators are jerks so….A WHOLE COLUMN DEVOTED TO THE GINGERBEARDS?! GIRLS. I love you so, so, much. And the big about Nealer’s #gingerbeard?

    I love you forever and ever, amen.

  2. Good day Stephen Elliot. I just got a letter dated 1/19/12 from Lorelie Lee in an envelope from you. We have no idea whatsoever how I got on your list. But I’ll write Lorelie back again (a real letter, even), because it was pretty fucking brave of her to write that.