Mikey Monday: Game Seven

It’s Game 7 time.  Heart in mouth, prayer in mind, lucky clothes on body time.  Every superstition, every trick, every measure of defiance will be in use tonight like it’s the Battle for Hogwarts all over again.


Whether you’re watching Rangers/Caps or Leafs/Bruins, I defy you to make it through the post with your blood pressure intact.

Play this song:


fort minor

Then play this song:



Then play them again.  I can hardly sit still.

caps5Mr. Pants is gonna have to hold me down.

Before the Caps Game 5 win, Mike posted this photo.  Are you still standing?  LIAR.  Here’s hoping it works again.

mikePets and cuddling and selfies?  Lookout, Landeskog.

See you tonight, hockey fans.

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  1. Let’s go Rangers!!!!!!!

    Sorry, Pants. I couldn’t help myself. 😉

  2. My life was so much less stressful two weeks ago when I had minimal expectations of the Leafs and was just happy that they even made the playoffs.

    DAMMIT, HOCKEY. Look what you do to me.

  3. On the days of high-stress game situations (Game 7 tonight, Saturday’s Game 6 Pens/Isles match-up) I find myself in public watching others and thinking:

    “Look at all these people – buying groceries, having a drink on the patio – living their lives normally. They’re not consumed by hockey, waking up at 7 am on a Saturday thinking about puck drop, sick to their stomachs all day about a GAME.”

    My husband teases me that it’s all just pretend – FALSE, SIR. I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world especially when I think of the h*ll we went through with the lockout (shudders) but sometimes I strain to remember what life was like BHO – Before Hockey Obsession. Dark days indeed, but a simpler time.

    To all the Bs/Leafs/Caps/Rangers fans…enjoy tonight. There’s nothing like Game 7s.

  4. Amy Reply

    Good luck to all the folks who have teams in game 7 tonight. Hopefully you have a better outcome than one of my teams did last night.

  5. Rhonda Reply

    So I’m guessing Derick Brassard’s not getting a Foxy Friday any time soon?

    • Pants Reply


      That would be a no. 😉

    • He totally should! He’s not only completely foxy (and has an adorable accent), but he’s been a total stud for the Rangers. I’m happy to offer my services if Pants can’t bring herself testify to his awesomeness.