Barely Breathing

The Penguins have won Round One.


It wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t even pretty.  Well, maybe Game One, but otherwise the Penguins generally had their asses handed to them by the 8th seed upstart Islanders.  At times the Pens beat themselves, but as the series went on the Islanders were winning.  Fair and square they were beating the Penguins for long stretches of time that included nearly all of Game Six.

In the end, a win is a win.  It’s not about who “deserved” to win, because maybe that was the Islanders.  At least if this were a Disney movie.  They played more than good hockey, they played their hearts out.  The Penguins didn’t, but they fought hard against their own issues and still brought it to OT.


Hopefully the Penguins learned and when Round Two starts against Ottawa, we’ll see the team we’ve seen all year.  The team they can really be.


And we’ll see this.  It’s already twice what it was last season… somebody’s getting jealous of #BeardWatch2013.


Nealmobile’s ginger beard, on the other hand, is mesmerizing.  I’ll find a picture for you then you’ll have to cancel all your plans.

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  1. Cindy Reply

    Neal is not only growing his amazing beard- but did you see his curly locks creeping out from under his helmet???

  2. Lorelei6903 Reply

    Phheeww!…you’re absolutely right, it wasn’t pretty. and I will admit that the Islanders were like the rebellion against the evil Empire and I was so frustrated and irritated with my beloved Penguins! I think they have gotten their shit together (at least they better have) cause the Sens will be like the Grudge girl regarding Karlsson vs. Cookie. I won’t join the Fleury scapegoat bandwagon, but Vokoun is/was my hero. At least for Game 5!

    That picture is Sid’s peach fuzz is still HOTT!! lol

  3. alysha Reply

    Here’s the thing, if I didn’t already love the Penguins so much I would have wanted the Islanders to win. they deserved to win. As you said, they played their hearts out, and they were skilled.

    But maybe it all comes down to the beard. I do love Neal’s crazy mismatched ginger beard. I love Depuis’ thickening thatch! I love Sid’s baby scruff…but the question is: Why the heck is Malkin baby faced? This is the playoffs man…man up! I noticed this happened last year. Guess what, last year Geno choked. This year, still not impressed. Grow a beard, be a man, play on!!!!!

  4. Thank god we survived, thank god, thank god. And by god, I mean Crosby.

    Oh! And we discovered the secret behind the MGB (mysteriously ginger beard) – someone on the Yahoo Board says it’s because Neal is possibly Irish? Apparently no matter how brown your hair is, if you’re an Irish boy your beard will be all ginger…making me melt to the floor in a puddle. Not so mysterious anymore.

    Keep doin’ what you’re doing Neal. That beard is OUTSTANDING.

    • LINDSAY.

      You just cited a Yahoo commenter as an information source. I think this calls for an intervention. I feel somewhat responsible.

      • Oh come ON. If it’s about beards don’t I get a free pass?? I need something to explain the MGB!!