Stanley Cup #BeardWatch2013: Cheaters

Once again, we’ll be writing about playoff beards for the one, the only Puck Daddy.

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Stanley Cup Beard Watch: Exposing the NHL’s playoff scruff cheaters

The old adage says that “cheaters never win. ”

Maybe. But when it comes to hockey players with beards, everyone is a winner in our book … even these grifters.

They might have gotten a jump start on the competition, but we ain’t mad, bro.

We still appreciate and admire them all the same.

If you spy any other cheaters, or impressive playoff beards, tweet them at #BeardWatch2013.

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  1. Beth Reply

    Chuck, you forgot to include your hockey boyfriend as a cheater. Or does he get a free pass? 😉

    • Could you be more specific?

      I have many hockey boyfriends.

      • Rick Nash?? And I love you “I have many hockey boyfriends.” This came up at my work today too. “Who’s on your list?” My response: “It rotates…almost daily.”

        You guys are so kick@ss! So happy to see Puck Daddy is celebrating your genius again!

        • Beth Reply

          Yes, I was referring to Rick Nash. Chuck I thought he was your #1 hockey boyfriend 🙂

          • Oh that one. He’s right up there with Patrice Bergeron.

        • I have so many. first there was Mike Modano in middle school. Then Joe Thornton, my high school hockey boyfriend. Then Eric Lindros. And and the list just keeps going from there.