Foxy Friday: Henrik Zetterberg

foxy friday

Well folks, it’s the final Friday of April, which means the final entry for the Foxy Friday Fan Challenge.

This week,  Brenda (@wishinonehand) wins again.  We swear it isn’t nepotism, but when you submit good stuff, we have to share it.

And this one is most defintely a keeper.

Sadly, we don’t get to watch much Red Wings hockey but next season we’re about to watch a WHOLE  lot more.

We definitively don’t mind seeing more of this guy.

Don’t mind at all.

[Chuck’s note:  His beard.  Good lord the beard. I’m swooning here. Quick! Someone get a me a chaise that I can swoon dramatically on to.]

How Swede It Is

In case it hasn’t been said before… thank you, Sweden.  You are so generous with your vast foxy fortunes.  You have given us:

Peter Forsberg

forsberg, peter

 Why yes, that IS a Norse god.

Nick Lidstrom

lidstrom, nic  He may have retired from hockey, but he will never retire from hotness.

Markus Naslund

Naslund, markus His foxiness even transcends a Canucks jersey. 

Andreas Lilja

lilja, andres This is the very definition of ruggedly handsome.

Henrik & Joel Lundqvist (Twinsies!)

Lundqvist twins Don’t know what’s going on here.
Don’t much care, either.

Gabriel Landeskog

landeskog, gabe The young & the foxy.

Now that is an embarrassment of riches, right there.

But you, Sweden, you did not stop there.

You dug deep into your foxy reserves and also bestowed upon us…

Henrik Zetterberg (and a pug)

zetterberg, henrik - pug

All of a sudden I’m feeling very motivated to learn Swedish.   Do you think Rosetta Stone has rush shipping?

Wonder how you say “ridiculously hot”?  I’m going to go with “Henrik”.

The Cliff’s Notes on Henrik are as follows:

  • Born October 9, 1980. (perfectly age appropriate)
  • 6’1″ & 195
  • Wasn’t drafted until the seventh round (210th overall)

Zetterberg also has a pretty impressive resume and collection of hardware – a Stanley Cup, a Selke Trophy, Conn Smythe, a Olympic Gold Medal, and a whole host of others.

He has complied the sort of resume that makes GMs drool.  And also Wayne Gretzky apparently.  Gretzkey said “I think Zetterberg is the best player in the game (at his age)… he’s just very special. I think he’s the best Swedish player they’ve ever put into the National Hockey League, and there has been a lot of great ones.”  High praise from the greatest hockey player of all time ever.

And that is what we call ‘salty’

If this oh-so-foxy-face looks familiar to you, maybe it’s because this guy has not one but two famous doppelgangers:

Zetterberg, Henrik - Leto Doppelganger We love you, Jordan Catalano!

zetterberg, henrik - gyllenhaal doppelganger

Even when he’s trying to look mean, he melts your heart.

Henrik did his best to end the lockout this summer – by wearing it on his chest.

zetterberg - with seguin and lucic  Henrik Zetterberg: sartorial zen master and hero.

 Zetterberg is so foxy that he even inspired a web series a la “The Office”.

Ladies and Gentleman – meet Fake Zetterberg.


Before we go, how about a little word association?  I’ll name an adjective, and then Henrik will demonstrate it.


zetterberg - sun background

Lustrous (specifically, hair)

Just Baked


zetterberg - chest hair


zetterberg - suit




 Let us all give thanks and praise to the almighty country of Sweden.

Oh, can we get a hug?

Many thanks to all that submitted your entries for our 1st Foxy Friday Fan Challenge!

We know it isn’t easy to write these so we appreciate your time and effort to share who you find foxiest with us.

As always, hit us up on twitter (@WhatsUp_YaSieve) with any suggestions of who you’d like to see featured.  Remember to hashtag #FoxyFriday.


~ C & P

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  1. Deanna Reply

    I love, love, love Zetty and this post. He is definitely deserving of the Foxy Friday honor! Also, I was in attendance for that shootout goal vs. Phoenix that is featured in gif form and it was even more glorious in person!

  2. MC Reply
  3. Henrik is indeed very foxy. There is a serious chest hair situation going on and I am NOT mad about it.

    And I also call him the Jake Gyllenhaal of Hockey but I never put together the Jared Leto! Excellent call on that one!

    • The CHS (Chest Hair Situation) is amazing.
      I love it.
      It is just the right perfect amount.

      Damn it. He is attractive.

  4. Pants Reply

    HIS HAIR. It’s glorious. I want to put it on other men like the Ken doll plastic hair in the *N Sync video for “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

    Also the photo tag “(and a pug)” could make anybody foxy.

    • I KNOW! The hair…

      All men should aspire to this hair.

  5. Thanks, Chuck & Pants! I’m very honored to be selected twice. I had a lot of fun doing these. I mean, sorting through pix, gifs & videos of these guys is not a bad way to spend a little time.

    And yes, more hair, please. Grown men have hair, and it’s sexy.

  6. What?! We could get picked twice?! I have some GEMS in my back pocket. Next time ladies, next time…

    Snaps again to Brenda. Another great one. Zetterberg is so MAN. I dig.

    • No rule against getting picked twice. Brenda submitted some great stuff so we had to use what we got!

  7. NO, not even fantastic swedish hair can make me like a Red Wing! I will not succumb to this nonsense, not even for puppies. Also, it took me a full 5 minutes of staring at the picture where Z is wearing the “peace” shirt to notice he was in it because I couldn’t pull my focus away from Tyler Seguin’s arms LOL!

    • MC Reply

      I KNOW!!! And I don’t even like Seguin!!!

      P.S. Come over to the dark side…we have swedish cookies!

  8. Now that it’s been a few years since the Wings defeated my Pens, I can fully appreciate this foxiness. God bless Sweden.

  9. Angie S Reply

    Such a babe. Excited to say I have met him in person which magnifies this by 10! Please, please, please let them make the playoffs so that we can have more of his foxy fineness! Excellent pick by the way….

  10. Catherine Henry Reply

    So nice to see one of the Red Wings finally getting a little love on this blog! You will be in for some nice eye candy when they move to the Eastern Conference. Zata (his nickname in Sweden) is not only adorable, and talented, but an incredibly nice guy. Whether you like the Red Wings or not, you gotta admit we have had a hat trick of hotness in our captains for the last TWENTY-SIX YEARS: Steve Yzerman, Nick Lidstrom, and now Henrik Zetterberg. I admit it, we’re spoiled.

  11. Farah Reply

    YES. YEESSS. Love Z-berg. And the Wings. My misfortune that they’re moving to the EC just as I’m leaving and moving back to WC territory. 🙁 Whyyyy NHL, whyyyy?

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