Mikey Monday: Don’t

Don’t tell me the season is almost over.  Don’t tell me there are 3 games left, you have a 3 point lead and I have to spend the next week trying not to throw up over whether or not you can hold onto a playoff spot.

And don’t tell me this just happens when you take off your helmet….

mg1 Post-Game Video – April 18

I have 108% faith in the Capitals right now.  This hot streak, this hair and even that captain are going to make it happen.  Now, how to get out of visiting family dinner tomorrow night to go to the game vs. Winnipeg?

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  1. Robyn Reply

    Holy Moses that man is attractive!!!!! His haircut was long overdue. This is the first time in awhile I’ve been excited for the Caps to move into the post-season – given they can clinch the playoff spot.

  2. Allyson Reply

    …sorry ladies…

    • Pants Reply

      The Jets can go to the playoffs in place of the Senators or Rangers – that’s fine with me!!

  3. Cassy Reply

    What Pants said ^.

    And despite him doing Sad Panda, he’s rocking the Foxy with that hair and that facial hair!