WUYS Convention 2014

The NHL wants to make up for the lockout, draw casual fans back into hockey and perhaps attract some new ones in a less turbulent year, because we’re still really mad at them.  Right?

crosby-toews Not now, girls.

 Er, we may be feeling warmer and fuzzier and playoff-ier…

crosby-toews3 Seriously!  Hold it together.

Then someone says:

pens hawksfrom NBC Chicago



So much for being cool.

crosby-toews2He should’ve known better.

Five outdoor games have been announced for next season, including Penguins/Blackhawks at Soldier Field, Chicago on March 1, 2014.

Also known as:



moulin rouge

Or was it…

chicagoThe show ain’t called Chicago for nothing.

Whatever they call it, we’re going.  You’re invited.  Get started now.


 Don’t forget to pack your:

sid toews


geno wink

neal smile


Because this trip is:


Apparently this is all still being finalized.  Good luck with that, because you already yelled fire in a crowded room.

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  1. Just take all my money, NHL. Take it all.

    I maybe already started looking at flights last night. And for the next 11 months I’m going to try and figure out how I can wear my Crosby jersey, my Toews jersey, and my Neal tshirt all at the same time.

    • Heather (HockeyValleyGirl) Reply

      Three periods, three different jerseys, no problem!


      • FALSE. No need to pick a side, Alison! That’s what this game is about – loving the Penguins AND Hawks – there’s more than enough love to go around! Wear your Toews, Crosby and Neal gear with PRIDE!

  2. 18epenning Reply

    Just picked myself up from the floor after laughing at this post! Thanks!

  3. Heather (HockeyValleyGirl) Reply

    This is already on my calendar for next year and I’m already checking out flights and hotels!!!

  4. I would love to, but I have a feeling the 2 outdoor games in NYC are going to hit my wallet pretty hard.

  5. They had it coming. They had it coming. They only had themselves to blame…

    Alison and I have already googled flights.

    This is happening. IT IS HAPPENING.

  6. Cassy Reply

    Ya know its cheaper if we all share rooms, right? Get me the dates and I’m in!

    Can I wear a Patrice Bergeron jersey? Or a Team Canada one?!

  7. Ashley Reply

    ahhh my devils get one of these outdoor games!! devils/rangers in yankee stadium.
    so excited, i can’t wait, i want it now!

  8. Jes Reply

    I cannot possibly express how excited I am about this. Being from the Chicago area I was hoping they’d do a Blackhawks game at Soldier Field but never in my DREAMS though they’d be playing the Pens! Couldn’t have begged for a more perfect outdoor game (mostly because this is exactly the one I would have been begging for).

  9. It’s like Christmas and my birthday and all the holidays rolled into one. SANTA YOU DELIVERED! I AM IN!!! I’m bringing all my jerseys – Hossa, Toews, Crosby, and like Heather will be swapping them out one period at a time. Yay for WUYS 2014!

  10. I have already strategically plotted out how to earn all of the Wife Points to make this happen. And also secretly giving up Starbucks and cooking magazines, which should mean I have the money to go in approximately… two months.

    • I’m going to start stashing my Starbucks funds under the mattress! Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

  11. Dawn Reply

    That is definitely worth me making a trip across the Atlantic!

  12. Kristi Reply

    That game is very nearly on my birthday, so I’m appropriating this entire game to be my birthday present. I want a Chicago pizza shaped like Sid’s head with candles in the outline of the Stanley Cup, please.

  13. Teri Reply

    So for my birthday at the end of the month, I asked for friends and family to contribute to an orphanage school in Kenya (a friend runs it) instead of giving me gifts. Would it be wrong to take that back and ask for contributions to the Pens/Blackhawks fund?! You’re right. Bad. What was I thinking? I’ll just need to have a second birthday. Cupcakes for everyone!

  14. jana Reply

    I’m considering getting a second job so I can definitely afford this!

  15. mike Reply

    Can we be sure Tazer won’t have a Jumbo Joe-type grumpy -pants relationship with Sid by then? I’m trying to go through any channel I can to see how these two have dealt with each other as rivals on the ice, but there’s like no evidence.

    As far as tickets go, anyone have a reliable organ-harvesting service contact? Living on one kidney for the rest of my life vs. freezing my butt off in the rain on march 1st in the spaceship by the lake..

    • There is no evidence of them as rivals because I don’t think they’ve actually played against each other. One or the other has always been injured. Conspiracy!

      • Ever since that interview with Jon’s parents, in my mind Sid and Jon are Team Canada BFFs.

  16. LB Reply

    I want to go SOOO bad. Must find a way to make this happen…

  17. Maura Reply

    March 1, 2014 is my eighteenth birthday, and you are all officially invited to my party at Soldier Field. You can meet all my boyfriends. They’ll be the gorgeous ones on skates.

    But seriously, I know what I’m asking for for my birthday already. Saving up now to watch the two best teams in the league! This is all too much! GAHHH!

  18. Heather Reply

    I, like everyone else, was SOOOO excited to hear about this matchup!!!! How much fun would the Unofficial WUYS Convention be ?!?!? I am SO in!!!! Can Intern Jeff Skinner please start calling hotels & getting a block of rooms for everyone? 🙂

    • Cassy Reply

      Yeah, Intern Jeff Skinner, get on it!