Birthday Boy: RNH

Guess who turns 20 today?


Wait, who?


Gabe, who has the best eyebrows in hockey?


And what does he tell “visitors” who want to stay past curfew?


Does that line actually work?


How often does he need an excuse?


Yeah, we can kinda see it.


As de facto stand-in Headmistress of #TeamRNH (until we find a full time hire), it’s really rude of my to almost miss Ry’s birthday.  Now he’s the same age as Gabe…. again.  Honestly!

The Oilers are off tonight.  Have a happy and appropriately of-age Canadian birthday, Molly Ringwald!


Thanks to Lemya @TheSequinedPuck) for the reminder.

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  1. You just HAD to throw in Ebs at the end to kill the #TeamEbs sisterhood, didn’t you? Nuge is such a cutie patootie too though. He’s totally my Oilers Disney movie & froyo boyfriend. Happy Birthday, Molly!

  2. He doesn’t look a day over 11.

    • Ashley Reply

      ^ hehe

  3. He’s only like, a month and a half older than me. I can deal.

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