Up Close and…

Check out these gorgeous pictures from Carmen Mandato Photography.


Large, hi-res versions are on the website along with a few shots of other teams. People have asked if she’ll have prints available for sale.  She’s on Facebook too.

God, don’t you just love hockey?  And wish you had longer eyelashes?  And feel relieved that no one will ever photograph you this close up?

Maybe it’s just me.


I’ve seen this one, but never with a credit.  She should definitely get credit.


I wish I had photography skills.  At this range, I’d have trouble keeping a hold on the camera.


Thanks to Heather Weikel for letting us know about these!  Thanks to Carmen Mandato for taking such amazing photos.  (I added a copyright to all of them – please be responsible with other people’s work!)

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  1. I JUST LICKED MY COMPUTER MONITOR. JESUS CHRIST. FINALLY a photographer who puts their skills TO USE. Bless you Carmen. BLESS YOU.

  2. jana Reply

    See? These are the kind of photographs I would LOVE to take! I don’t want to do weddings or babies or family protraits.


    THIS is what I’d love to do.

    Sigh. As Rhonda (I think) pointed out in the Gabe/McD’s blog, where was this booth on career day??

  3. MB Reply

    Of course, I totally love the one of Neal, although they’re all pretty awesome! I’m always going on about how long his lower lashes are, but they’re fine and you can’t always see them clearly…well, THERE THEY ARE!! 🙂 Just gorgeous. 🙂

  4. Beth Reply

    Can we get her to take pictures of all the teams please? If she could make a stop in NYC first and get the ever so foxy Lundqvist, Girardi, Nash, Callahan, Boyle…et all.

    • Ashley Reply

      agreed, a session with this woman should be mandatory for all teams! just thinking about david clarkson up that close is making me weak.

  5. Heather (HockeyValleyGirl) Reply

    This has been the most unproductive day of my life. Thank you Carmen!!

  6. LB Reply

    Whoo. Felt a little woozy there for a second!

  7. Heather Reply

    What amazing shots!!! Well done, Carmen. I’d LOVE to see more – of more of the guys AND of other teams!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Pants.

  8. KFC Reply

    Awesome pictures! I love these types of photos. Several years ago, when my Sabres were actually legitimate, there was a photographer from the DC area who had ties to Buffalo that took similar photos. Loved them! Here’s the link:http://www.mikelynaugh.com/
    A good many of the players in the photos no longer play for the sabres, but it’s fun to go back and dream of a better time…. : )