Picture Perfect

Gabe Landeskog is featured in McDonald’s presents Time Out in Sports Illustrated, the same one that featured Intern Jeff Skinner a while back.

We sent Jeff out of the office before watching this because he gets a little jealous.


Jealous of Gabe, I mean.  Not our reactions to Gabe, which are mostly me giggling hysterically and Chuck madly pricing flights to Colorado.

gabe3 Images from travcity.tumblr.com.

Then there’s some shouting: “Tights are not pants!” and “We need a new job!”


The culmination (climax?) of this campaign is the finished feature, side-by-side with this ad.


BAHAHAHA!  Accidental fantastic-ary or not-so-subliminal messaging?  Everything else I have to say is censored.

If that’s not enough, the Avs Charity Brunch will get you.  During the fashion show, Gabe escorted this little lady down the runway and they danced.


Like at prom.  Like the surprise bride & groom number at a wedding reception.  Neither of which you need after dancing with Gabe Landeskog when you’re 9, because you’ve peaked and there’s nothing else to hope for.

gabe5 .gif from mistfarer.tumblr.com

The Avs are last in the NHL and their season will end on Saturday, April 27.  At least we can look forward to an entire summer of Gabe Tweeting photos and Sweden’s allergy to shirts.


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  1. So many feels about this.

    First – why is he in a box? Is it meant to represent the holder that the McWrap comes in? I just don’t know.

    Secondly – fact: tights are not pants. But her boots are awesome.

    Thirdly – Bring on summer!

    • “Tights are not pants.” = Battle Cry of the Thirtysomething.

      • Caitlin Reply

        At first, I thought that comment was related to Gabe’s pants…which are also tight

        • Gabe’s pants are perfection. That whole suit is. Suit is to women, what lingerie is to men.

      • I LITERALLY just had this discussion with my co-workers about Lulu Lemon pants and whether they are appropriate on a date. Answer – NOT! But I so agree with Chuck – pants are not pants and her boots are awesome!

        • Not appropriate on a date.
          However, speaking as someone who is constantly wearing spandex, leggings (as long as they’re not see through) can work as pants.
          But keeping in mind, I wear spandex and wake up at 4:45AM every morning, so that already creates assumptions enough about my sanity.

  2. 18epenning Reply

    This just made my day!

  3. Rhonda Reply

    You know, I don’t remember “Girl who picks at hot guys between takes during photoshoots” as being discussed at Career Day…..

    • jana Reply

      I definitely missed this career booth, too! 🙂

  4. This is too much for me to handle at work.


    My life is actually, actually ruined.

    20. He is 20 years old. 20. Two. Zero.


    • Also, that last picture, as my friend Diana always says: “It’s not gay if it’s Swedish.”

      • Scarlett Reply

        This is a perfect saying! So true. Sweden is Gods country.

  6. Steph Reply

    I think my 40 somthing year old ovaries just explode….can someone please call me an ambulance.

  7. jana Reply

    Gabe. Sigh. He’s too too perfect.

    Also, I REALLY should’ve pursued my love of photography in and out of college. I COULD BE DOING THIS!!!

    ***smacking head on desk now***

  8. Hindsight is always 20/20.

  9. Lower left hand corner: motto – “Go hard or go home.”