My Very Own Swedish

You all better get ready.  Sweden is coming to Boston!

Swedish star forward Carl Soderberg and the Boston Bruins reached an agreement on a multi-year contract Tuesday.

Finally, I’ll get my very own Swedish!

 While not on the level of say Viktor Stalberg, Henrik Lundqvist, Gabe Landeskog or the countless other ridiculously attractive Swedes that populate the NHL, he does sort of have an Eddie Redmayne/Heath Ledger-thing going on, which I am digging.

What I’m also digging that he is having his BEST season in the Smokin’ Hot Swedish Elite League – 31 goals & 60 points in 54 games.

soderberg stats

At 6-foot-3 & 210-pound, Soderberg will bring some desperately needed size and scoring to the Bruins’ corps of forwards. *fingerscrossed*

By all accounts this looks to be a done deal with the only thing left to iron out was for the Swedish Ice Hockey Association to approve his transfer to the Bruins and the NHL.

But after the Great Iginla Caper of 2013, I won’t actually believe it is happening until the man steps off the plane, arrives at the Garden, dons a Bruins jersey, and gets on the ice.

Despite his potentially joining the team with about a dozen games left in the regular season, Soderberg would be eligible for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, provided that he play in one regular season game (Bruins already had his rights and on their reserve list.)

According to Bruins President Cam “Seabass” Neely, the team wants to give him a shot to prove himself.  Most likely he’d see time on the wing, as opposed to his regular center position.

Bruins have courted Soderberg for a number of years, but he always elected to stay in Europe.  Last year, they weren’t even sure if he’d ever play in the NHL.

So what changed?

Who knows? Don’t care.

What I do care about is how Soderberg adjusts his game for the NHL.  He has the skill set but we all know the game is decidedly different in Europe.

How will he handle the physicality and the smaller ice surface? For sure, his size will help, as will his skating ability, but that all remains to be seen.   Should that happen it has the potential to significantly help the Bruins in the playoffs.

Wonder how he is on the power play…

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  1. You had me at 6’3″ – the more size we can get in front of the net, the better.

  2. jana Reply

    I’ll be curious to see what he adds. It’s funny though. As a Hawks fan, I haven’t minded when Coach Q shakes things up with the lines. But the Bruins … maybe it’s the Seguinista in me but when I heard Segs was put on the 3rd line this last game, I was like, WHAT?!?!? So the Bruins bring in this guy and I hope can bring in some much needed scoring, but then who will the Bruins scratch? I’m concerned about more line shake ups, to say the least.

    When’s the Professor going to be back from that concussion??

    • As far as scratches go, could just depend on the game and the situation – could be Thornton one came, Kelly another, Paille for another, etc. The important thing for the Bruins is that their lines work and increase offense. They win but they aren’t a team that puts up alot of goals. Don’t think that Soderberg will get in there right away and just turn it on. He’s never played at this level and let’s face it, it ain’t exactly easy. I think more of it is to get him in, get him skating with the guys and move him along with the intention to get him prepared for 2013-2014 season.

      No timeline yet for Bergeron, but I miss him terribly. And so does the Bruins’ face-off winning percentage.

  3. Heather Reply

    Love, love, LOVE the Eddie Redmayne reference!!! 🙂 What the hell is in the water in Sweden?!? They grow them so pretty over there. lol As long as they keep letting them come over here to provide us with eye candy (and a little hockey ability), I actually don’t care. 🙂