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Dear NHL,

If you do not use this song for any and all Stanley Cup Playoffs montages, then you’re just doing it wrong.


It’s perfection.

You know what?  Just hire us and we’ll take care of it for you.

Chuck & Pants


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    • Alison Reply

      Have you heard their newest new song yet – “Little Volcanoes”? I’m obsessed.

  1. Alison Reply

    This song and “Radioactive” have been stuck my head FOR DAYS.. I blame the Pens and their new commercials that I love.

    But yeah.. if CBC doesn’t make playoff game opening montages to this song and “Anything Could Happen” by Ellie Goulding, they’ve dropped the ball.

    (Can you tell I’ve maybe thought about this topic before?)

  2. spinfrog Reply

    You guys should make one anyway! The Phoenix by FOB is good too 🙂

    Pretty sure I’ve heard this song in background of a few games..

    • I highly approve of this recommendation.

  3. jana Reply

    I would never describe myself as a Fallout Boy fan, but I love this song!! I need to download it stat to run to!

    • Kallie Reply

      I went to a couple games as an away fan in columbus this year and I gotta admit I got super pumped when this video came on.

  4. Heather Reply

    For the record, the Pens have something like *3* different ads that use this song. Root Sports runs them every game & I ALWAYS dance around in my seat!! 🙂

  5. Rebecca Guilbert Reply

    Looove this song!!!
    I’ve heard it during Kings games a lot. Unfortunately they always seem to play it right after a really good scoring opportunity for the other team…