Look at You

As predicted by science, fate and what he looked like to begin with, post-jaw surgery and probably mid-dental work Sidney Crosby looks…

Better than anyone you know in real life.


This is from the party after the Honor Society show in Pittsburgh last night (says Tumblr – which is how rumors get started).  I’d apologize to this young lady for not knowing her name/crediting her photo, but I don’t think she cares. (UPDATE: Her name is Candace, and she’s very nice!).

If you can go to shows and parties, maybe you can smile and play hockey soon?

sid gif2

Let’s have some Monday morning Caro Emerald in celebration, shall we?


Update: Alison found another, RT’d by the band’s @RiskyBusinessMB:

sid2That is almost a smile.

Update #2: Talking to the media at Pens practice… sigh.


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  1. Twitter message from Alison this morning: “Sidney Crosby was spotted in a bar last night and I don’t know what is happening.” Then linked to that photo. My response: “What the f*ck is that? Is that real??” I didn’t even know that perfection could exist.

    And then I stopped. And laughed at myself. BECAUSE IT’S SIDNEY CROSBY. Of course he looks like that. I should obviously know he’s recovered this fast. Because he is perfect. Can you hear me practically sobbing in Canada?

    Just don’t overexert yourself Sid! No setbacks! Remember – plenty of rest, lots of smoothies (extra protein!), plenty of sleep, and you’ll be back on the ice in two weeks (yes, two weeks).


    • Considering I’ve spent pretty much all morning on Twitter and Tumblr investigating this since I saw that first picture, I am emotionally exhausted and it’s not even 11am.

      Pens practice in 5 minutes. WHAT WILL THEY TELL US?

      • Pants Reply

        Disco Dan is going to wait for someone to ask, “How’s Sid?” then just drop the mic and walk away.

        • HockeyValleyGirl Reply

          I would pay to see that!

  2. Alex Reply

    I am literally tearing up, i’m just so happy that he’s fine, i want to give him so many hugs <3 :')

  3. AYF Reply

    What????? You guys amaze me on how you manage to the best “scoop”!! No one else in the NHL manages to provide an updates on Crosby and you guys find the one picture of him out and about?

    And that pictures is another example of how Crosby is just amazing. He got hit in the jaw by a puck a week ago, had surgery to fix a broken jaw plus dental work and his face doesn’t look swollen or bruised?

    Crosby’s a god. Can’t wait to see him back on the ice! For all that he’s been through the last couple of years and the seasons has had to date, he deserves the Hart and the Cup!

  4. HockeyValleyGirl Reply

    The sun is out, the birds are chirping, it is about 40 degrees in Central PA and Sidney Crosby is smiling!!

  5. Steph Reply

    In the media interview video the Penguins posted of him, I can’t help but say that even without teeth and slurring his words a bit, he is a friggen stud! That toothless grin is soo nice to see and his laugh at the end just killed me! Ugh, can’t wait til he’s back!

    • Steph Reply

      Also, that hair, omg THAT HAIR! Those curls are amazing.

    • LB Reply

      YES. How is he so beautiful??

  6. spinfrog Reply

    Is the brusing on the left side of his face? Or is it possible to ice soneone’s broken jaw so much that there is no bruising?

    • Some bruising post-jaw surgery is pretty much unavoidable, especially considering that the trauma was caused by a puck to the face. Depending on what part of the jaw is broken, you can end up with bruising along the jawline and even black eyes.

  7. LB Reply

    Okay there is video up now on NHL.com, and even with teeth missing he is ridiculously good-looking. Not fair, man…

  8. Ashley Reply

    the lips are looking as pouty as ever, and thats pretty much all that matters. i am also digging the longer locks.

  9. Val Reply

    Woohoo…you know your blog has reached the big time when “Puck Daddy” makes mention of it. Shoutout to you women…you rock!

    • Pants Reply

      Every time we get linked by Puck Daddy, which we’re flattered to say has eben a fair few times, I think: “Wow, that is LOT of page views.”

      Immediately followed by: “God, we are such spazzes.”

      • Val Reply

        Spazziness is a good thing!

  10. Sinochick Reply

    When I saw Sid’s press scrum today, I couldn’t help but think of that How I Met Your Mother episode when that character Robin (the Canadian girl who loves hockey) had that quote:

    “Look, I come from a culture of hockey players. If a guy can throw down it’s somewhat way hot. And scars? Hello! If a guy’s got a scar, he’s got a Robin, and if he’s missing teeth, I’m missing my pants!”

  11. Candace Reply

    Ha! I’m the girl in the pic! It was the honor society after party, but he was there with friends in a corner…I don’t think it was planned, just both things happened.